Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Kierney Scott on Twitter

Susie Kearley
Susie Kearley says “My husband ignores all my messages. I give up. :-)” — “i hate when i text my husband something hilarious and he doesn't immediately respond with LOL. Makes me question the state of our marriage”

BTS #13: Alabama Gods (Joshilyn Jackson) and Twisted (Lola Smirnova)

Lola Smirnova
Lola Smirnova says “Awesome review of Twisted (Lola Smirnova) by Behind The Stacks @BTSpod — On this month’s episode: southern deities, breakfast foods and the wide world of the international sex industry. We take a look at Joshilyn Jackson’s Gods in Alabama and Lola Smirnova’s Twisted. Email us at Like the show on Facebook: Behind the Stacks with Kim and Ana Follow the show on Twitter: @BTSpod Follow us on Tumblr: BehindTheStacks The theme to "Behind the Stacks" is "Space Java" by Jake Koulouris and James Thomas.