Monday, 26 September 2016

Stay Tuned for the Blog Hop

Lela Markham
Lela Markham says “Stay Tuned for the Blog Hop” — This week’s topic in the Open Book Blog Hop is Common Obstacles. What are the challenges we face as a writer? What was it like to be rejected (as you undoubtedly were)? What kept you going wh…

The robot bodyguard is coming — and you’ll want one

Jule Owen
Jule Owen says “The robot bodyguard is coming — and you’ll want one” — I recently consulted with the US Navy on all things “transhuman.” In those conversations about how science and technology can help the human race evolve beyond its natural limits, it was clear that military is keen on replacing human soldiers with both fighting and peacekeeping machines so American military lives never have to come under fire or be in harm’s way.

Fox News on Twitter

Nathan Birr
Nathan Birr says “Let me guess, a devout Mormon?” — “BREAKING: .@Q13FOX identifies #CascadeMall shooting suspect as Arcan Cetin, 20, originally from Turkey”

Dune, 50 years on: how a science fiction novel changed the world

121minutes says “Dune, 50 years on: how a science fiction novel changed the world ” — It has sold millions of copies, is perhaps the greatest novel in the science-fiction canon and Star Wars wouldn’t have existed without it. Frank Herbert’s Dune should endure as a politically relevant fantasy from the Age of Aquarius

10 Weird Things Writers Do – with cats

Tina Frisco
Tina Frisco says “10 Weird Things Writers Do – with cats via @millieschmidt — No, this article isn’t about the 10 strange ways that writers interact with cats. But it could be. Anyway… writers often do weird things for no apparent reason, but they wouldn’t have it any …

Writers’ Conferences Put Authors on the Road to Success - San Francisco Book Review

Arla Dahl
Arla Dahl says “Writers’ Conferences Put Authors on the Road to Success - @sfbookreview — By Scott Lorenz, Westwind Communications   Have you ever attended a writers’ conference? Here’s why you may want to consider adding one to your calendar. A writers’ conference is a think tank for authors to build on each other’s ideas and inspire new achievements in their own work. For the cost of lodging and registration, the …

Autonomous Tactical Drones May Soon Support Marines

Jule Owen
Jule Owen says “Autonomous Tactical Drones May Soon Support Marines” — U.S. Marines could soon get guardian angels: a squadron of small autonomous drones constantly overhead, providing full surveillance and instant airstrikes on demand. And it could happen sooner than…

FREE - Life Blood: Cora's Choice 1 - Aethereal Bonds

V. M. Black
V. M. Black says “Every. Single. Day. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 I escape to my happy place with books. 😜 Have one on me:” — The First Episode of the Hit Billionaire Vampire Serial Introducing a world in which vampires are born, not made…. She wanted life. He needed her blood. Cora Shaw will do anything to live. Diagnosed with terminal cancer in her senior year of college, she is given a choice: Call hospice, or seek out a mysterious man …

Clowns Abound •

lucyeldritch says “Vampire Stuff: Clowns Abound: Man, this clown thing just won’t go away. Much the opposite, ... via @lucyeldritch — Man, this clown thing just won’t go away. Much the opposite, in fact; it seems to be growing. I suspect it is a sociological thing. There is no “great clow

The Main Factors That Stop Readers from Finishing Books

Bonnie Ferrante
Bonnie Ferrante says “Absolutely. Far too many books are being published with these problems.” — Has this scenario ever happened to you? You just got a new book that has been getting rave reviews from bloggers all over the net. You have been waiting for this book for months and friends have been singing its praises for a pretty long time. You get home and you make yourself a comfortable …

The Battle of Stamford Bridge?

Janet P. Reedman
Janet P. Reedman says “The Battle of Stamford Bridge?”
No, NOT this Stamford Bridge, but two hundred miles further north, somewhere by the River Derwent in the East Riding. So please try to avoid any more football references, except fo…

Quiz Time

Tina Frisco
Tina Frisco says “Quiz Time”
  How is your knowledge when it comes to authors and publishing dates? this is a fun quiz to break the monotony of trying to write the next chapter!   If you enjoy this p…

Release Week Storm by Stacy Hoff

Stacy Hoff
Stacy Hoff says “Release week storm brewing ”
There’s a storm a’ brewin’. And it’s my anxiety. No matter how many times I have survived release day (three other times, to be exact), the roll-out process makes me a bit nuts. I …

Ted Cruz endorses Donald Trump

Wayne Borean
Wayne Borean says “So Ted Cruz is not as honorable as he pretends to be.”
Ted Cruz endorsed Donald Trump for the presidency Friday afternoon, a stunning turn of events after a contentious primary filled with nasty personal attacks and a dramatic snub at …

Indie Book Reviews: Part II

D. Wallace Peach
D. Wallace Peach says “Indie Book Reviews: Part II”
Once again, while I’m away, I’m catching up on posting the book reviews that I completed over the past few months. This is Part Two. Comments are open, but since I̵…


Cathy Sultan
Cathy Sultan says “RT @AmazngBooks THE SYRIAN. Read an excerpt from the book. ➡ ”
In this scene from The Syrian, Nadia is about to see her husband who was disappeared by Syrian Intelligence thirteen years prior. All along she assumed he was dead. The new Damascu…

So nervous!

Meredith Bond
Meredith Bond says “So nervous!”
Why is it that even after writing and publishing fifteen books, I still get nervous butterflies in my stomach when someone tells me that they’re reading one of my books? Will they …

Different from, different than, different to

Nat Russo
Nat Russo says “"Different than" may not be as grammatically incorrect as you think it is. ”
I thought these things were different than they used to be. – James Thurber If you see nothing immediately wrong with the phrases different from, different to, and different than, …

Facebook Event

Lyn Cote
Lyn Cote says “Facebook Event via @AuthorsOfMainSt
Facebook events that celebrate new book releases are multiplying every day. In addition to being fun, these events allow direct interaction between authors and readers. The visitin…

TV show review: Blue Bloodstv

lisa williamson
lisa williamson says “TV show review: Blue Bloodstv”
This show has been around for seven seasons now and The first episode of season seven made me decide to sit down and write a review. The first episode dealt with police violence an…

Sarah Ward: A Deadly Thaw

Marni Graff
Marni Graff says “Sarah Ward: A Deadly Thaw”
Sarah Ward’s debut In Bitter Chill brought her to reader’s attention quickly last year. After years of reviewing crime fiction, including acting as a judge for the Scan…