Friday, 27 May 2016

Questions 3: Forge Your Barbarian Tribe

Charles Yallowitz
Charles Yallowitz says “Questions 3: Forge Your Barbarian Tribe” — To celebrate the release of Tribe of the Snow Tiger, I’m going to gear the questions toward making your own tribe.  It’s rather simple for Windemere because you need a totem, a culture …

My True Story ~ Author ~ David A Millican III

C.L. Wells
C.L. Wells says “My True Story ~ Author ~ David A Millican III ” — Hi, everyone. Please join me in welcoming David Millican as we celebrate his new release, Frontier Preacher. At the end of this blog, you will find all David’s information, including some way…

Why I Love To Write #003 – Stumbling Backasswards Into A Story

Jay Norry
Jay Norry says “It seemed kind of pointless, if I wasn’t going to publish; the stories may as well just live in my head. ” — The story of the master and the apprentice has always been an important one to me. Whether it’s Yoda and Luke Skywalker, Dan Millman and Socrates, Richard Bach and Donald Shimoda, or any of the cou…

Eton Scorpion 2 Radio Review -

Ryan Hamner
Ryan Hamner says “Lose a hand while stuck in a cave? This will allow you to listen to the radio, charge the phone & find ur other hand”
If you are being chased by zombies, ninja assassins and need a durable AM/FM, with a flashlight, cell-charger, etc., the Eton Scorpion 2 Radio...

Dianne Greenlay

TJ Shortt
TJ Shortt says “Love historical stories? Have you checked out @DianneGreenlay yet? ”
Dianne Greenlay Living on the Canadian prairies, Dianne Greenlay is the author of QUINTSPINNER – A PIRATE’S QUEST and DEADLY MISFORTUNE, Books One and Two in a fast-paced award – w…

Brazi Bites!

Aditi Chopra
Aditi Chopra says “Brazi Bites! ”
I have been a fan of the show, Shark Tank for quite sometime. It’s interesting to see all kinds of entrepreneurs on this show and different products that they bring to the ta…