Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Dodie Clark on Twitter

NEAFCY says “Let us give thanks for Dodie avoiding becoming YouTube's Buddy Holly. Let today be known as the day the music LIVED!” — “Turns out the wheels were half out of the plane and we legit crash landed And there was ignorant happy me enjoying an exciting bumpy landing”

Animals in Stories

Sandra Harvey
Sandra Harvey says “Write pets into your story--without killing them off.” — A common way to use pets in stories is to get us all emotionally attached to them… and then kill them off. And then we all hate you for it because WHY? How dare you kill off Fido! Pets have b…

The ultimate freebie

Aurora Springer
Aurora Springer says “The ultimate freebie via @RwJoliemason
Get ready to be wowed. Stephanie Pajonas has organized an awesome book giveaway. You will notice that my paperback is among the prizes. So, stop by and enter to win a huge haul of …

Pete Barber

TJ Shortt
TJ Shortt says “Love thrillers? Have you checked out @PBFiction yet? ”
Pete Barber Born into a blue-collar family in Liverpool, England, Pete missed The Beatles but did go to The Cavern a few times. He immigrated to the US in the early 90s and became …