Sunday, 1 May 2016

Fourth Amendment (aurorawatcherak)

Lela Markham
Lela Markham says “Fourth Amendment on @bloglovin — Fairbanks is a big military town, so no one should be surprised that I know a lot of soldiers of various ranks. I’m writing a book that involves soldiers, so naturally, I end up asking the soldiers I

Kim Jong-Un Has A 'Pleasure Squad' Of Teenage Girls Who Follow Him Around The World

Ryan Hamner
Ryan Hamner says ““Kim Jong-Un Has A 'Pleasure Squad' Of Teenage Girls Who Follow Him Around The World”” — Kim Jong-un has reportedly ordered a new ‘pleasure squad’ of teenage girls to serve his every whim. The North Korean leader originally stopped the practice – which has been employed in the country for decades – following the death of his father and predecessor, Kim Jong-il, in 2011. Toshimitsu Shigemura

What are the must-see locations in New England?

AntrimCycle says “Travel Question of the Day: Simon Calder on what to see in New England -” — Q We have arranged a two-week holiday to New England in October to see the Fall. Can you recommend six must-see locations?
 Kevin Pugh 

I Was a Workaholic Mother

L.E. Henderson
L.E. Henderson says “I Was a Workaholic Mother via @KittOMalley — Laurie Hollman, Ph.D. featured me in her HuffPost Women blog article, Living With Bipolar Disorder as a Mother and Workaholic. Her article quotes my wordy answers to her interview questions. Interv…

Debra Salonen - Writing Romance With a Lot of Personality

J. C. Conway
J. C. Conway says “Debra Salonen - Writing Romance With a Lot of Personality” — Former award-winning newspaper journalist and bestselling author, Debra Salonen is back with the fun and very romantic Black Hills Rendezvous series. Today she answers our questions on how she chooses names for her characters, what made her pick a sperm donor as lead character for Black Hills Baby and whether she thinks love conquers all.

Y is for Yawn

J. Thomas-Like
J. Thomas-Like says “Y is for Yawn” — You know what? Y is for yawn. I’m tired. I’ve not been sleeping well the last few nights and I’m pretty sure it has to do with the pressure I’m feeling to get Orphan finishe…

Susan Tarr

Polly Iyer
Polly Iyer says “"Inside Seacliff Lunatic Asylum. Beautifully written by renowned NZ author" ” — Susan Tarr As a New Zealand author, I’ve been writing for 25 years. I often draw from diaries I wrote during my international travels, including Kenya, East Africa, where I began my family. A…

LitRPG: I Have A Genre!

robert bevan
robert bevan says “LitRPG: I Have A Genre!” — So I was Googling myself the other day, (No, that's not a euphemism. Yes, it was in front of a mirror.) and I stumbled upon this little unpronounceable string of six letters used to describe my books. LitRPG Being a high-functioning drunk, I was able to suss out the meaning without too much trouble, but in four years of writing books custom tailored to this very specific genre, I'd never even heard or seen the term used before. So what is LitRPG? “Is they them people what w…

Too Late to Start Writing?

Annabelle Franklin
Annabelle Franklin says “Too Late to Start Writing? via @WriterUnboxed — There’s no question that we are living in a society obsessed with youth. We base many of our increasingly unrealistic standards for physical beauty on the premise that we all have expiration …

The Truest Voice of All … by William Kent Krueger

Patricia Stoltey
Patricia Stoltey says “"The Truest Voice of All" by mystery author William Kent Krueger on the” — Isn’t it amazing how everyone seems to know, even better than we do ourselves, what’s best for us as writers? We get advice from everybody on how we ought to be using our time and energy. From our …

Hate List

Annabelle Franklin
Annabelle Franklin says “Hate List via @wordpressdotcom
Back in January, I read This Is Where It Ends and expected total devastation. That book didn’t deliver it, but this one does. Talk about heartbreak. Whereas the first book ne…