Saturday, 9 April 2016

The Elves of Eytherfel

Tanya Jones
Tanya Jones says “Caelsah - Pronounced (KALE-sah) - more pronunciations available here:” — Eytherfel is a well hidden Elven village in the forests of British Columbia, Canada.  Its name means “Forests of the Lake”.  It is a most secretive place that rarely a human ever has th…

Short Story - Fur Babies - Bookshop Bistro

Tanya Jones
Tanya Jones says “Short Story - Fur Babies” — Fur Babies ‘Pompom’ called a shrill voice. When did real dogs turn to toys wondered Vince as he trudged through the mud, conspicuous as the only human without a dog. The dogs skittering around two women did not match the … Continue reading →

A forthcoming event – in Texas

Janet P. Reedman
Janet P. Reedman says “A forthcoming event – in Texas” — A full cast reading of “Richard, Son of York”, a new play, will be performed at Texas Lutheran University on Tuesday 19 April at 19:30 (and only that day):

Aspiring on Twitter

Kayla Krantz
Kayla Krantz says “My time is usually spent on the first three chapters--these are what determines if a reader stays or goes after all!”
“I use the most time writing/editing on my first paragraph. It takes the most time for me. Where do you? #amwriting #amediting...Keep Writing”

The Book and The Move

Eli Kale
Eli Kale says “I talk about progress on my book and moving to our new house in the blog for 4/4: ”
Friends, I hope this post finds you in a good place with your goals and passions, and that you’re well on your way to achieving all you’re setting out to do! A great de…

Romantic Comedy: Mermaid Hair and I Don’t Care

CJ Morrow
CJ Morrow says “Read excerpts from my latest WIP Mermaid Hair and I Don't Care ”
Chapter I’m writing a new romantic comedy – Mermaid Hair and I Don’t Care. I will be publishing excerpts from a new chapter every week. These are first drafts, so please excuse any…