Friday, 29 April 2016

Parents CAN Take Kids On Hols In Term Time – Dad Wins Landmark Court Battle

Anne Allen
Anne Allen says “Victory for commonsense!” — A dad who was prosecuted for taking his daughter on holiday during term time has won a landmark legal battle.Jon Platt, 44, took his seven-year-old daughter to Disney World in Florida after her school refused permission for the eight-day trip. When he insisted he would not pay a £120 fine he was ordered to attend…

Faces of Money (aurorawatcherak)

Lela Markham
Lela Markham says “Faces of Money on @bloglovin — These days there is a movement to take the old “heroes” off our money and put new “heroes” on them. Remember, I’m not a big believer in “heroes”. I think people commit acts of courage and sometimes li

Nick Quantrill on Twitter

Mark Pettinger
Mark Pettinger says “I'm going to try and make it, Nick” — “Getting closer. "The Dead Can't Talk" launches @Kardomah94 in Hull, 13th May. Consider yourself invited.”

Blurring the lines

Anna Belfrage
Anna Belfrage says “The perils of doing too much at teh same time...Blurring the lines” — Someone once told me that a man lives his life in neat little boxes, and either he is busy dealing with one box or the other, but rarely does he do two boxes at the same time. It’s called  compartm…

9 Fantasy Epics You Must Read - Books Go Social

Mel RJ Smith Author
Mel RJ Smith Author says “9 Fantasy Epics You Must Read” —   Do you love Fantasy? Are you just tired of searching for a good read and want a recommendation? We picked 9 fantastically written novels that will get you hooked and send  you to another world!     1. A Curse upon the Saints by J. Rutger Madison As one war draws to a close, …

The Union’s hangover from Scotland-Lite

jaycee brown
jaycee brown says “"The Union is being killed by Unionists." Wee Ginger Dug. Simples!” — Davie Cameron is in denial. Scotland is gradually slipping its moorings and sailing away from the UK iceberg, but all Davie is interested in is arguing with Boris Johnson about whether it’s b…

Incredible other-worldly places that are actually in the UK

AntrimCycle says “From bizarre caves to rocks that appear to defy gravity: The incredible places that make -” — There are a wealth of out-of-this-world sights just waiting to be explored in the UK including an abandoned WWII sea fort, a prehistoric stone circle and a fairytale grotto.

10 Mysterious Photos That Cannot Be Explained

Ryan Hamner
Ryan Hamner says “10 Mysterious Photos That Cannot Be Explained” — 1.  Does The Babushka Lady Have Evidence To JFK’s Assassination?The assassination of US President John F. Kennedy (JFK) in 1963 still remains one history's greatest mysteries. Part of the mystery is the "Babushka Lady" and her possible key to revealing the identity of the assass

Days Until Home – Chapter 07

David Kristoph
David Kristoph says “Days Until Home: Chapter 7 is out! And hey. It was written by yours truly. ” — I’m going to die. I’m already dead. My grave will be the black, and Helena will never have a headstone to place her flowers.

Why Fairy Tales Are Important to Childhood

Gee says “8 Reasons Why Fairy Tales Are Essential to Childhood - via @imaginationsoup — Not everyone believes in the importance of fairy tales for kids. In fact, 25% of parents recently surveyed said they wouldn't read fairy tales to a child under five years old because they didn't teach a good lesson or were too scary.

FREE - Life Blood: Cora's Choice 1 - Aethereal Bonds

V. M. Black
V. M. Black says “Every. Single. Day. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 I escape to my happy place with books. 😜 Have one on me:” — The First Episode of the Hit Billionaire Vampire Serial Introducing a world in which vampires are born, not made…. She wanted life. He needed her blood. Cora Shaw will do anything to live. Diagnosed with terminal cancer in her senior year of college, she is given a choice: Call hospice, or seek out a mysterious man …

Emotional needs in your Relationships - Colourstory Publishing

Christine Sherborne
Christine Sherborne says “Emotional Needs in Your Relationships ” — Emotional needs in your Relationships Emotional needs are the basic requirements in a relationship. To attain a good relationship, you need to be the best version of you, and work towards self-improvement. To love and be loved is a fundamental human need. Without your emotional needs being met you attract negative social and emotional Issues, …


Angela Ackerman
Angela Ackerman says “What's in Your Writing Toolbox? Stop in and check out mine if you like: ”
TOOLBOX: Character Pyramid Tool (PDF) Visualize your character’s FLAWS & associated behaviors (for a deeper understanding of this tool, please reference The Negative Trai…

Writing Tips by J.K. Rowling

Nicholas C. Rossis
Nicholas C. Rossis says “Writing Tips by J.K. Rowling: ”
I think that most writers admire J.K. Rowling.  We’ve heard how she spent hours writing her books in an Edinburgh café (I vote for Nicholson’s, but Edinburgh café owner…

The AtoZ of EOS_Wounded

Tasha Duncan-Drake
Tasha Duncan-Drake says “This is awesome - The AtoZ of EOS_Wounded via @WriterlySamIAm
A new dawn is on the horizon, where boundaries are broken, diversity is embraced, and an optimistic, creative vision of our future on Earth takes center stage.       Fear takes us …

Change can be good.

Rosanna Leo
Rosanna Leo says “Life brings constant change. I try to make sense of these changes at my blog. ”
You may have noticed a lot of my recent posts have dealt with change. That’s because I’ve encountered a fair share of it in my life over the past while and I’m learning some lesso…

The Twenty-Five Deeds of Hanson Drake

Briar Kit Esme
Briar Kit Esme says “"Regret is the sum total of all the things you haven't done" ”
The Twenty-Five Deeds of Hanson Drake—a novel by Briar Kit Esme. A high resolution copy of the book cover shown above can be downloaded from this link. Blurb…The Twenty-Five Deeds …

Super Sassy

Amylynn Bright
Amylynn Bright says “My kid might have super powers now. I'd like it noted there's never been an ER visit on my watch. Also, she's fine.”
Ava and I are pretty certain Sassy has super power at this point. Remember last summer she had spinal fusion surgery, so now she has giant titanium rods on either side of her spine…

Creative People Are Curious. Are You?

Elaine Cougler
Elaine Cougler says “Creativity shows itself in so many ways! Writing, crafts and even marketing!”
You know them. You’ve seen them. And sometimes you’ve even been annoyed by them, those kids with their hands up the whole class, whether it’s in kindergarten, gra…


Cathy Sultan
Cathy Sultan says “For Cathy Sultan's review of the mystery "Change of Address," read the blog. ➡”
Rick Polad has a new fan. I’ve just finished reading Change of Address, his first in a series of Spenser Manning Mysteries and I am hooked. Rick’s genius as a writer is his simple …

Properly Retire Your American Flag - Stacy Juba

Stacy Juba
Stacy Juba says “Properly Retire Your American Flag - I recently received this press...”
I recently received this press release and thought that it was valuable information to pass on, since the whole purpose of my children’s picture book The Flag Keeper is to raise aw…

Crit1Sub1: Week 2!

N. N. Light
N. N. Light says “Crit1Sub1: Week 2! via @kw_mccabe
Today marks week 2 of my Crit1Sub1 challenge! So far, pushing myself to write a sub each week feels good. The max amount of words for each week is only 400 words, which is perfect.…