Monday, 18 April 2016

Pixar's 22 Rules of Storytelling

Gary McLaren
Gary McLaren says “Pixar's 22 Rules of Storytelling ” — In 2011, a storyboard artist shared a series of tweets of the best storytelling tips from Pixar. They're now known as Pixar's 22 Rules of Storytelling.

Free | Author Carolyn Arnold

Carolyn Arnold
Carolyn Arnold says “"The relationship between the detectives was a realistic protrayal." -- Retired Sergeant” — This is the only place to get this book FREE. Scroll down to claim your copy. About the Book Raymond Hunter’s dark past has returned and demands one final favor. Now fifteen years later, settled as an accountant and family man, he assumed life would be calm. He thought wrong. The Italian mafia wants him back. The directions were simple: Kill Governor Behler and be out for good. Despite the odd request since the mafia typically respects dignitaries, in order to protect his family, he has no cho…

Nature's Most Powerful Antibiotics (Recipe Included!)

Darren Scanlon
Darren Scanlon says “Nature's Most Powerful Antibiotics (Recipe Included!) | Wake Up World -” — Combining 7 antibacterial and antiviral ingredients, the basic formula of this natural immune-supporting tonic dates back to medieval Europe. It is a super cleansing natural antibiotic, destroying both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. It is a potent anti-viral and anti-fungal/yeast formula, and can increase blood and lymph circulation in the body. It is also known to be effective for colds and the flu, as well as Candida. By Guest Writer Alex 'Earthie Mama' Du Toit

N is for Non-fiction

J. Thomas-Like
J. Thomas-Like says “N is for Non-fiction” — You know what? N is for non-fiction. I’m hearing a lot of people at book signings say that they prefer non-fiction, rather than what was on the table before them. Last year, as well, I kept h…

Richard as a mosaic….

Janet P. Reedman
Janet P. Reedman says “Richard as a mosaic….” — This amazing picture is made up of photographs taken by members of the public at last year’s events in Leicester. I think it is astonishing. Below is a close-up, to give some idea of how it w…

Nine Comma Pitfalls to Avoid - XterraWeb

Siobhan Davis Author
Siobhan Davis Author says “Nine Comma Pitfalls to Avoid. Think my editor wrote this with me in mind!!” — Share this post          {lang: ""}Share this post          N is for Nine Comma Pitfalls to Avoid As an editor, the most common punctuation issues I see are with comma usage. Writers can avoid many comma pitfalls by mastering the conventions below. 1. A comma is placedShare this post          

Forced Entry

Dalsala Den
Dalsala Den says “Can David fight through the abandoned slaughter house & rescue his kidnapped daughter?” — David had committed a few acts that could be considered minor crimes, but he had never broken into a business, much less a structure as foreboding as a slaughter house. It loomed over them with wea…

100 Years Ago an Exoplanet was Unknowingly Discovered

Mike Formichelli
Mike Formichelli says “Turns out we discovered ExoPlanets in 1917... It's just that no one realized it.” — Long before the first confirmed planetary finds in the 1990s, an observer in 1917 caught evidence of planetary debris around a new star, new research into an astronomical glass plate reveals.

Logout & Log Into a Little Sunshine

randa handler
randa handler says “Link to new Outdoor Playtime Ideas post!” — Coming up with new and exciting playtime activities that spark the imagination can be a challenge. We have become a tech-addicted and digitally-driven society. Many parents have to drag their children ...

It’s Payback, Really

Lauren Greene
Lauren Greene says “It's Payback, Really” — My kids fight. Liam and Hailey seem born of hatred for one another. Sometimes, they will play together so nicely. I look back fondly on the good ole days when Liam called Hailey, “Harry,” and thoug…

Adrian White - Dancing to the end of love - Eason Edition

adrian white
adrian white says “Dancing to the End of Love @Easons Edition ” — Our guest author Adrian White tells us about his new book and the inspiration for the main character in ‘Dancing to the End of Love‘ I suppose I can’t really complain about somebody I made up but Robert Lanaghan, the main character in my novel Dancing to the End of Love, is a difficult person to […]

Petition: Full disclosure of the tax affairs of all members of parliament.

Kayleigh Kavanagh
Kayleigh Kavanagh says “Yes. This is needed. Petition: Full disclosure of the tax affairs of all members of parliament.” — We require transparency on the personal tax activities of members of parliament where they conflict with government policy. Following the Panama Papers leak we demand to know if MPs are involved in tax evasion. We therefore request a full disclosure of all members of parliaments' tax affairs.


XK says “20+ people signed up for advance review copies of The 5 days! Intrigued? ”
EVERYONE KNOWS MONSTERS EXIST. BUT SHE NEVER EXPECTED TO BE ONE OF THEM… Thanks to her great- great-grandmother, loner Claire Sommers’ DNA results are succubus positive…

Get to know Peter Miles

Peter Miles
Peter Miles says “Learn more about author Peter Miles!”
Peter Wallace Miles b. 22 September 1928, in Ovingdean, Sussex, England; migrated with his family to Southern Africa in 1946, where he graduated in Chemistry and Entomology at Rhod…

The Moors

Ann Livi Andrews
Ann Livi Andrews says “New Book Review! The Moors by Jody @jodymedland ! ”
The Moors - Jody Medland I loved the concept behind this work: a journalist going undercover to expose a dark and sinister place, too many secrets, and a rumored monster who ter…

Save Our Libraries - Steven Hobbs

Steven Hobbs
Steven Hobbs says “Don't let them kill our libraries - a personal view ”
To borrow John Lennon’s timeless lyric “I read the news today, oh boy”. Although if the truth be known, I “saw” the news, and the news was bad. There the familiar story went, of fi…

Friday’s Five Star Finds

Liz Ellyn
Liz Ellyn says “Featuring: Sincerely, Carter by @WhitGracia See ”
Five Star Books that I’ve reviewed in the past week (click on book to read the review) April 15 Sincerely, Carter by Whitney G. April 8 Bound to You by Skylar Nightingale Jas…

N is for…

Hugh Roberts
Hugh Roberts says “N is for... via @AlistairLane
Welcome to Day Fourteen of your Essential Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse.  We all know the end is coming. Well, you gotta be prepared, and you ain’t gonna have time...

WorldCult - the Prologue - Kirsten Arcadio

KHArcadio says “'A document was hidden in this apartment hundreds of years ago.' Read the prologue of WorldCult”
It was dark, quiet, still. Vera Manzi shuffled about in the five hundred year old apartment she shared with her husband, Salvatore, preparing to turn in for the night. Caffettiera …

The Bizarre Circus of Wonders

Edward Medina
Edward Medina says “THE BIZARRE CIRCUS OF WONDERS a sample from A Murder of Crows by Edward Medina ”
Belladonna’s Circus Bizarre was a seedy little spectacle. The wagons of this once great show had been rolling for almost one hundred and fifty years now, but time and circumstance …

60 quick social media tips for beginners

Cass Wilder
Cass Wilder says “Twitter, Facebook, Vine, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat… they’re all included in our giant social tips roundup”
I have worked in social media before, but only as part of a wider role and only really to help out other people here and there.

Listening to children.

Jennifer Brockie
Jennifer Brockie says “Listen to Kids-”
Listening to children. How many times a day do you say to your children, “Put your listening ears on,” when they ignore your instructions? How many times do you say to your childre…

NT Moments - Communication

Sara Thorne
Sara Thorne says “Overheard: NT Moments - Communication - INTP and INTJ meeting up for dinner. INTJ: Where's ENTJ? INTP: I...”
INTP and INTJ meeting up for dinner. • INTJ:: Where's ENTJ? • INTP:: I don't know. I haven't talked to him today. • INTJ:: You guys are still dating, …

Meet Author David Wittlinger

P.I. Barrington
P.I. Barrington says “Check it out:”
Howdy my lovelies! Welcome to Interview FoxSeat featuring author David Wittlinger. David Wittlinger is a lifetime resident of Lancaster County, PA. Saddled with a vivid and active …

IDEAL Magazine Launch Issue

Melinda Moriarity
Melinda Moriarity says “Check out my latest blogpost on our Launch Issue of IDEAL Magazine! @IDEALMagazineNY
Hey everyone! We are super excited to announce that we have already started production of our launch issue for my latest project, IDEAL Magazine. IDEAL stands for Independent, Driv…