Sunday, 17 April 2016

Richard and that pesky urn….!

Janet P. Reedman
Janet P. Reedman says “Richard and that pesky urn….!” — Here is an extract from the above article. It concerns the so-called Princes in the Tower.:- “Charles II eventually arranged for their reburial in Westminster Abbey. They lie there still, wit…

Health Benefits of Being Single

Karleen says “THIS JUST IN: Being Single Reduces Stress. ” — Given that you are reading this article, I’ll assume that you have read more than one article outlining how day-to-day stress leads to significant health concerns. If not, there are quite a f…

Upending the Archive

AntrimCycle says “Upending the Archive -” — The genre-bending writer on queering history and restoring lost voices to American fiction.

"The book didn’t sell and yes, I was mean-spirited enough to rejoice": An essay on the dark arts of book editing

AntrimCycle says “"The book didn’t sell and yes, I was mean-spirited enough to rejoice": An essay on the dark arts of book editing” — One of New Zealand's best and most illustrious book editors, Stephen Stratford ("I am a polite person, mostly"), vents about having to deal with writers and publishers. What I dread #1 When meeting someone new, the question I most dread is, “What do you do?” It is really hard to

Meet Tatiana Maslany, the Best F***ing Actress on TV

AntrimCycle says “Meet Tatiana Maslany, the Best F***ing Actress on TV -” — It’s cute that those TV actresses deliver one great performance a year. As a set of clones of ‘Orphan Black,’ Tatiana Maslany gives about a dozen. A chat with TV’s best actress.

Netflix confirms launch date for Matt Smith’s ‘The Crown’ drama

AntrimCycle says “Netflix confirms launch date for Matt Smith?s ?The Crown? drama -” — The launch date has been announced for Netflix’s new royal family drama The Crown. Created by London-born writer Peter Morgan (The Queen, The Audience, Frost/Nixon), the series stars former Doctor Who actor Matt Smith as the Duke of Edinburgh alongside Claire Foy as his wife, Queen Elizabeth II. The Crown will tell “the inside story of Queen Elizabeth II’s early reign, revealing the...

Do You Need Drama? This Test Claims To Be Able To Tell You If You Secretly Do, And What That Means For You

Christine Jayne Vann
Christine Jayne Vann says “Do You Need Drama? This Test Claims To Be Able To Tell You If You Secretly Do, And What That Means For You” — Do you know anyone that always seems to have a dramatic, over-the-top story for you? These people tend to live quite chaotic lives, and it’s never really clear how real or contrived each individual drama-infused saga actually is.

'Affluenza' Teen Ethan Couch Set to Stay in Jail for Nearly 2 Years

Author Harmony Rose
Author Harmony Rose says “Affluenza teen sentenced to nearly 2 years via @yahoo Drunk Driving he kills 4 people 2 year sentence, what a JOKE!” — The Texas teenager who was at the center of an international manhunt was ordered to stay in jail for nearly two years after his first appearance in adult court today. Ethan Couch, who allegedly violated the terms of his probation from a deadly 2013 drunken-driving case by missing a court-mandated check-in, was sentenced to 180 days in jail for each of the four charges he faces. Judge Wayne Salvant determined that Couch, once released, will not be able to consume alcohol, or leave Tarrant County …

Jeanette DeBeauvoir: Deadly Jewels

Marni Graff
Marni Graff says “Jeanette DeBeauvoir: Deadly Jewels” — One of Auntie M’s favorite novels last year was Jeannette DeBeauvoir’s debut Asylum, a chilling and often terrifying mystery that introduced Martine LeDuc, the engaging protagonist who …

Blowing my Own Trumpet

June Finnigan
June Finnigan says “Blowing my Own Trumpet via @SCyFlynn — Hello everybody! I am publishing a Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy novel later this year entitled CHILDREN OF THE DIFFERENT. The setting is Western Australia (where I am from); I hope the novel is interes…


M.K. Gilher
M.K. Gilher says “Revival is being spotlighted in the Flirting With Fiction newsletter. Check it out!...”
Climb in the cage and prepare to get dirty and indulge your fantasies! “Dr. Jacade Jordan is one of the sexiest alpha men I have read in a long while.” (Beyond the Vall…

Dreams of Beautiful Whisper

Tanya Jones
Tanya Jones says “Elves, magic, romance, basic life of teens! Dreams of Beautiful Whisper ”
Dreams of Beautiful Whisper – Book 1 in The Elves of Eytherfel series. Not only is it a YA Fantasy novel with Elves, magic and romance (as if that wasn’t enough). But i…

We Are Moved!

Eli Kale
Eli Kale says “More details on the new house and writing progress in blog for week of 4/11: ”
Friends, I hope this post finds you as excited about something in your own life as I am excited about the move into our new house! This post is brief but great in quality, so let&#…


Michele W Campanelli
Michele W Campanelli says “We are very excited to present Jacob Velazquez in concert on April 30 & May 1st.”
Not Your Grandfather's Symphony Orchestra Once upon a time, everyone used to like