Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Donald J. Trump on Twitter

NEAFCY says “Donald Trump is now running for the position of SUPERMAN. Fighting global terror ALONE”
twitter.com — “Another radical Islamic attack, this time in Pakistan, targeting Christian women & children. At least 67 dead,400 injured. I alone can solve”

Trackmania Turbo

Ian Thompson
Ian Thompson says “Trackmania Turbo: The Trackmania games have been thrilling PC racers for a while now, but sadly absent from co...”
www.gamespot.com — Trackmania Turbo delivers thrills online and off thanks to high speed, crazy tracks, and a unique time trial focus.

Fragile Muse

Charles Yallowitz
Charles Yallowitz says “Fragile Muse”
Our spirit of inspiration Gentle pixie on our shoulder With her ink-stained wings And body cloaked in paint Flitting on the edge of thought Heard just enough to guide our dreams He…

How important is a Book Title?

Aditi Chopra
Aditi Chopra says “How important is a Book Title? ”
Having written a number of books and being in the business for sometime, I have come to the conclusion that in addition to the cover of a book, the title also plays an important pa…