Sunday, 13 March 2016

From Parenthood to the Unleashed Genie

Charles Yallowitz
Charles Yallowitz says “From Parenthood to the Unleashed Genie” — I’m making a jump from one topic to another in here, so prepare for the bumpy bridge. Recently, a friend revealed that his wife is pregnant and he’s gearing up to be a first time father…

More than half of appealed DWP 'fit to work' decisions are found to be wrong

Tina Collins
Tina Collins says “More than half of appealed DWP 'fit to work' decisions are found to be wrong” — More than half of disabled people declared “fit to work” by the Department for Work and Pensions who appeal the decision are later found to actually be ill, departmental figures show.
 Figures released by the DWP show tribunals overturned 52 per cent of Employment and Support Allowance appeals claims in the given period.
 Despite the worrying rate of errors, the Government this week confirmed it would put even more responsibility on the assessment system.

Look Ma! I'm Adulting! - Feeding the Famished

Emily Kemme
Emily Kemme says “That new word that makes you feel slightly uncomfortable.” — Adulting: that tingly feeling when you inexplicably find yourself in the slightly uncomfortable situation of gravitating to grown-up, real life actions.

Release Day: Beloved Enemy by Hywela Lyn

Siobhan Davis Author
Siobhan Davis Author says “Release Day: Beloved Enemy by Hywela Lyn” — Today is the release day of Beloved Enemy by Hywela Lyn! I share excerpt from the book. Title: Beloved Enemy Author: Hywela Lyn Series: The Destiny series #3 Genres: Science Fiction Romance Links: …

Being Courageous by Melissa Reyes

Carolyn Arnold
Carolyn Arnold says “Being Courageous by Melissa Reyes via @MizMeliz — Jonathan Morrow says "The Cowardly Lion is an unlikely hero who learned to overcome his fears. We are all cowardly lions. Everyday, we have to wake up and remind ourselves how to roar." The topic i...