Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Aiding Indie Authors - Bookshop Bistro

Tanya Jones
Tanya Jones says “Have you joined the Aiding Indie Author group yet? Learn how to help indie authors:”
panopticnews.com — Thank you for stopping by and considering our unique program to help show our support in the Indie Author community! It’s a pretty simple system that doesn’t require a whole lot of time, effort or money. But it is an … Continue reading →

Special Preview Blog: Book Four Prologue

Eli Kale
Eli Kale says “Special Preview Blog: Book Four Prologue - get a first look at the working prologue for my next book!”
Friends, I hope this post finds you well and in good spirits! I have something special for you today, and I think it's something you will like. I recently finished the rough d…