Monday, 1 February 2016

A Week of Aches, Pains, & Progress

Charles Yallowitz
Charles Yallowitz says “A Week of Aches, Pains, & Progress” — I started the week with a brutalized lower back because my snow shoveling technique is self-destructive.  Limped through the Tribe of the Snow Tiger edits while using a heating pad and stretching. ...

Thrifty Reads

C.L. Wells
C.L. Wells says “Check out these limited time .99 ebook sales. Get'em before the sale is over! Thrifty Reads via @karaneleniwrite — Books that I have read and can recommend are indicated by ❤️.

11 highly recommended books of 2015 - Bookshop Bistro

Tanya Jones
Tanya Jones says “11 highly recommended books of 2015” — Indie author or not? Self-published or traditionally published? Personally, I don’t care, I truly don’t care. Who the ‘publisher’ is of a book is completely irrelevant as to whether or not the book itself is any good (in my opinion)… … Continue reading →

Richard gets porcelain and a modern firearm...?

Janet P. Reedman
Janet P. Reedman says “Richard gets porcelain and a modern firearm…?” — Forgive me if I'm a little bemused. This picture is Richard. OK? But he's dressed to look like a clown, with what looks like breast armour representing his innards. Hmmm. As for the weapon, I'm sur...

"T" is for Tenses

Paul Vanderloos
Paul Vanderloos says ““T” is for Tenses”
One can get rather intense about tenses, especially when you branch out into the confusing aspects of simple, continuous, and perfect forms of each tense. But as Maria (Julie Andre…


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