Sunday, 9 October 2016

3 reasons it pays to create personalized, branded images for your business

Arla Dahl
Arla Dahl says “3 reasons it pays to create personalized, branded images for your business” — It's no secret using images in branding increases just about everything: clicks, open-rates, sales, engagement... I could go on. Images can say so much more than words. Plus, people are visual. We like to see things! Posts with images get more clicks for a reason. And, whether it be for

The Art of Taking a Break: 2

Tina Frisco
Tina Frisco says “Teagan Geneviene would like to know how YOU de-stress. Drop by her blog and leave a comment :)” — Welcome everyone.  Yes, I’m still taking some down-time from blogging… and clearly (since I’m here) I have not yet mastered The Art of Taking a Break.  I’m so happy that the…

Brian Dodd on Twitter

Nathan Birr
Nathan Birr says “Pretty sure it's not the press making Trump look bad this time . . .” — “Wake up people. Whoever you have as your leader will be made to look unacceptable by the press. I am not a Trump guy but I know their games.”

Labour MPs debate universal basic income policy for the first time

Jule Owen
Jule Owen says “Labour MPs debate universal basic income policy for the first time” — Labour MPs have publicly debated for the first time whether a so-called “universal basic income” should be introduced to replace the existing benefits system. The discussion, thought to be the first such event at any Labour party conference, heard from MPs both in favour, opposed, and undecided on the policy. A universal basic income, sometimes called a ‘Citizen’s Income’ is the idea of a flat-rate unconditional cash payment to all adults and children, whether they are in or out of work. 

Motivation Quotes About How to Keep Going

Glenn Stewart
Glenn Stewart says “Motivation Quotes About How to Keep Going” — Encouragement for Pastors Leadership Development PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT Spiritual Encouragement Motivation Quotes: How to Keep Going through Discouragement Consider the core qualities of Jesus’ life. He was perfectly loving –

12 Quick fixes for your blog

Tina Frisco
Tina Frisco says “An excellent post by Sue Vincent”
Learning your way around WordPress can take a while, especially if you are not of the tech-savvy branch of bloggers. After several years here, I am still learning all the time, mos…