Wednesday, 5 October 2016

The Crucible - Theatre Royal

Nick Bennett
Nick Bennett says “5th-19th of March, 'The Crucible',The Theatre Royal in Bury St. Edmunds. …” — Arthur Miller’s classic parable of mass hysteria draws a chilling parallel between the Salem witch-hunt of 1692 and the era of McCarthyism, which gripped 1950s America with the so-called red threat of Communism. The story of a small community driven … Continued

Forced Entry

Dalsala Den
Dalsala Den says “Can David fight through the abandoned slaughter house & rescue his kidnapped daughter?” — David had committed a few acts that could be considered minor crimes, but he had never broken into a business, much less a structure as foreboding as a slaughter house. It loomed over them with wea…

Re-homing a Stray- Author?

Philippa Rees
Philippa Rees says “Re-homing a Stray- Author?” — Re-homing a stray- Author?   Two years ago this month our last beloved collie died. Having written a poetic tribute to her ( here) we have gradually become used to the sense of absence. Life i…

Fixing your Story

John M J Williamson
John M J Williamson says “Need to fix your story? Check out my blog on three different approaches.” — Everyone knows first drafts of a novel are always c**p. But how do you fix them? Unless you’re Stephen King, the first draft will require more than just a little line editing and proof readin…

Russian military reveals new details of ISIS funding

Woe Joy
Woe Joy says “Russian military reveals new details of ISIS funding LIVE UPDATES” — The Russian Defense Ministry is giving a major media briefing to outline measures to combat international terrorism. The military operation in Syria is expected to dominate the event.

Aboriginal people – how to misunderstand their science

Tonii Kelly
Tonii Kelly says “Aboriginal people – how to misunderstand their science via @physorg_com — Just one generation ago Australian schoolkids were taught that Aboriginal people couldn't count beyond five, wandered the desert scavenging for food, had no civilisation, couldn't navigate and peacefully acquiesced when Western Civilisation rescued them in 1788.

Take the Bad with the Good…

Jenny Hammerle
Jenny Hammerle says “Parachute Girls continues to draw attention!” — Parachute Girls continues to receive reviews of every sort. Both bad and good. I think Grandma would be happy with this because that would make a perfect tagline for her life...take the bad with the good. War is unpleasant and with it comes many hardships. There were both happy and sad times. Things she longed to remember and things she longed to forget. I think, however, there is one thing she'd enjoy immensely if she were still with us today.…

Secrets Of The Watchers, Anunnaki And The New (Reptilian) World Order |

Peter_Eros says “Secrets Of The Watchers, Anunnaki And The New (Reptilian) World Order” — – What if Planet Earth was ostensibly run by a race of shape-shifting reptilians? Believe it or not, this outre’ political-science-fiction scenario has become a focus of historical researchers as well as spiritual visionaries. In fact, the resonance of corroborating evidence from science and metaphysics has a synchronicity that is nothing but astonishing. Serpents …

Get to know Peter Miles

Peter Miles
Peter Miles says “Learn more about author Peter Miles!”
Peter Wallace Miles b. 22 September 1928, in Ovingdean, Sussex, England; migrated with his family to Southern Africa in 1946, where he graduated in Chemistry and Entomology at Rhod…

Listening to children.

Jennifer Brockie
Jennifer Brockie says “Listen to Kids-”
Listening to children. How many times a day do you say to your children, “Put your listening ears on,” when they ignore your instructions? How many times do you say to your childre…

Disney Announces New Rick Riordan Imprint

Debbie Leland
Debbie Leland says “Disney-Hyperion announces new Rick Riordon imprint. Great opportunity!”
Rick Riordan has gotten a variation on the same question a zillion times: When are you going to write about the Hindu gods and goddesses? Ancient Chinese mythology? Native American…

The Bizarre Circus of Wonders

Edward Medina
Edward Medina says “THE BIZARRE CIRCUS OF WONDERS a sample from A Murder of Crows by Edward Medina ”
Belladonna’s Circus Bizarre was a seedy little spectacle. The wagons of this once great show had been rolling for almost one hundred and fifty years now, but time and circumstance …

Event Tri-fold

George Wicker
George Wicker says “Event Tri-fold by @ByPeopleTeam
Aimed at events, download this tri-fold template for free in InDesign (INDD), Illustrator (AI) or Photoshop (PSD) iterations for comfortable editing.

Chatter Creek Cottage: Pig

Vera Jane Cook
Vera Jane Cook says “Chatter Creek Cottage: Pig”
So Pig has a home for now in the back garden. He’s been in storage for years and I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed him. I found him in Andes, a small town in upstate New York a…

Mother’s Water and Earth At Odds

Vicki Matthews
Vicki Matthews says “Why did her mother die of liver cancer?”
Dear Vicki: My mother passed away earlier this year and as the only daughter in a family of five children, the task of cleaning out her things has fallen to me. I am slowly sorting…

Follow that wasp!

Deborah Barker
Deborah Barker says “Follow that wasp!”
Monday: “Must be 5,000 if not 10,000 wasps in that tree,” the wasp man tells us. This does not make us feel any better. We wait as he gazes up into the branches. “Can’t see a nest……