Saturday, 23 January 2016

A Kansas Author ~ Interviewing Ronda Miller

C.L. Wells
C.L. Wells says “A Kansas Author ~ Interviewing Ronda Miller ” — Hi, everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying this blog series as much as I am. When I put the request out there for the interviews, I had no idea how fascinating these folks would be. Initially, …

Will Dixon on Twitter

NEAFCY says “I been saying that shit for years.” — “The real question is: why do politicians earn anything more than minimum wage?”

Top 10 things to avoid when naming characters - Bookshop Bistro

Tanya Jones
Tanya Jones says “Top 10 things to avoid when naming characters - Bookshop Bistro” — When choosing a name for your characters spend a few minutes considering the following points to avoid 1. Don’t use a name that ends in the letter ‘s’ This is a simple punctuation nightmare 2. Don’t make it too weird … Continue reading →

How Do You Know the Difference?

Lela Markham
Lela Markham says “How Do You Know the Difference?” — This is part of a series. Check it out. So have we cuddled up the world so tight that we no longer see a difference between Christianity and the world. Do we think there should be a difference? Wel...


Annabelle Franklin
Annabelle Franklin says “FREE BOOKS - LAST DAY via @Dartherino4 — FREE BOOKS! LAST DAY! From 18th - 22nd January 2016 my entire book collection is FREE OF CHARGE on Amazon Kindle. Don't miss out.    AMAZON.CO.UK AMAZON.COM

The Re-Tweet Train

Paul Zunckel:Author
Paul Zunckel:Author says “The Re-Tweet Train via @zuncks
I know that I stand a chance of stepping on some toes or denting an ego or two but ego's have nothing to do with what I have written is just home truth...some are...

How important is a Book Title?

Aditi Chopra
Aditi Chopra says “How important is a Book Title? ”
Having written a number of books and being in the business for sometime, I have come to the conclusion that in addition to the cover of a book, the title also plays an important pa…

For Procrastinators (Like Me)

Sandra Harvey
Sandra Harvey says “Fun tips to avoid procrastinating. ”
So you're a procrastinator. Most writers are (from what I can tell, at least). Over the years I've found different ways to battle against procrastination, and I've c…