Sunday, 20 September 2015

Terrence Howard Is a Bad Person Who Is Also Crazy

NEAFCY says “Somebody give Terrance Howard a reality show.” — To promote the upcoming second season of Empire, Terrence Howard invited Rolling Stone into his Chicago penthouse. The profile rests on a single question—“How bad is Terrence Howard?”—and leaves you with an answer that may or may not be satisfying: Terrence Howard is almost certainly bad, and he’s definitely crazy.

What Book Did You Get Stuck In?

Lela Markham
Lela Markham says “What Book Did You Get Stuck In? via @pfiala — I'm a romance girl and primarily read any type of romance, paranormal, historical, contemporary, it doesn't matter.  I'm excited to tell you that I recently found a new author and I thoroughly enjoy her books.  Tamsen Schultz.  Never read her?  Please do yourself a favor and pick one of her books up.  Earlier this week I reviewed her book, The Puppeteer.  Centering more on suspense than romance, both elements are present and both elements kept me turning the pages.  A Tainted Mind (A Wind…

Falling Into Autumn

Eli Kale
Eli Kale says “I talk about writing tips and my WIP on my latest blog post for 9/14: ”
Friends, Autumn is approaching! I love the smells that are in the air, the feel of the cool morning breezes on my skin, and the sense of impending change that defines the season. I…

Bastiat on Plunder

Lela Markham
Lela Markham says “Bastiat on Plunder”
Frédéric Bastiat was a French journalist and economist who believed that all human beings possessed the God-given, natural rights of “individuality, liberty, property.” “This is ma…