Thursday, 17 September 2015

Rogues Gallery in Novels: Is It Possible?

Charles Yallowitz
Charles Yallowitz says “Rogues Gallery in Novels: Is It Possible?” — That's not even all of Spider-Man's enemies.  I can see Shriek, Shocker, Black Cat, Carrion, Jackal, and a few others that are missing.  Though I think Shocker is big one that's missing since Black...

The Devil in Eden

Paul Zunckel:Author
Paul Zunckel:Author says “The Devil in Eden” — Allow me to introduce you to  Man-Eater, the very title is enough to send a shiver of fear down the spine of anyone living in the vicinity of this animals activities, the face of pure evil is conju...

Interview with Lucinda E. Clarke

Lela Markham
Lela Markham says “Interview with Lucinda E. Clarke”
Today's interview is with Lucinda E. Clarke, a friend from the Booktrap, and quite the adventuress. Tell us something about yourself, Lucinda.  Starting with basics, I was con…