Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Title and Cover Reveal

Tanya Jones
Tanya Jones says “Title and Cover Reveal” — So I know we’re still several months away, but I needed to share something! The official title of book 2 in The Elves of Eytherfel series is: Whisper’s Beautiful Song (Yes, there is int…

If you like Return Of The Jedi but hate the Ewoks, you understand feminist criticism

Christine Jayne Vann
Christine Jayne Vann says “If you like Return Of The Jedi but hate the Ewoks, you understand feminist criticism via @TheAVClub — “Return Of The Jedi is great, but the Ewoks are so annoying.” That’s a pretty common refrain from Star Wars fans. In fact there are whole fan edits dedicated to removing the little fuzzy bears from the film’s climax; I can only assume they’re made by the most hardcore of Star Wars lovers. The idea t

No Comments

AntrimCycle says “No Comments via @VelaMag — "The comments are a shit show.” This from a friend on Facebook, a warning perhaps or an expression of vicarious disappointment. “I read the first one and threw my phone across the room.”

Reviews Matter: Why & How To Get Them

Paul Keene
Paul Keene says “Reviews Matter: Why & How To Get Them | Molly Greene: Writer ”
by Molly Greene In honor of my debut novel receiving its 200th review, I’m blogging about book reviews, how to get them, and why they matter. For those of you struggling to get rev…

The Misconception of Singleness

Karleen says “Is being single making you unhappy? You're likely looking at it all wrong”
Whenever I tell people that I wrote a book on being single they immediately give support, saying "good for you, men aren't worth the time!" Or, "I hear that, re…

Welcome Sharlene Almond

sharlene almond
sharlene almond says “Welcome Sharlene Almond ”
A big welcome to fellow Kiwi, Sharlene Almond. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your writing? I’m a 27 year old student/author, who is a bit addicted to studying. I’ve stud…