Friday, 31 July 2015

Deny the Ladies Their Toys & They Will Make Their Own | Nerdist

G.G. Silverman
G.G. Silverman says “A mom makes female sci-fi action figures for her daughter after being frustrated that none exist. Nice, mom!” — Frankly, we ladies are sick of not having the cool merch for our favorite sci-fi characters. And since the general uproar that is heard every single time a big studio releases a film and then licenses an entire set of boys-only toys to go with them has little to no effect on the higher ups at Disney and Warner Brothers, some ladies are taking the frustration and problem out of the hands of the studios and solving it themselves. This awesome Australian mom went so far as to transform a collection…

Donald J. Trump on Twitter

NEAFCY says “.@realDonaldTrump LOVES BEATING WOMEN HE JUST SAID SO” — “.CNN & @CNNPolitics Lawyer Elizabeth Beck did a terrible job against me, she lost (I even got legal fees). I loved beating her,she was easy”

Reader's Nook: QA with Lu J Whitley

Lu Whitley
Lu Whitley says “Me and my dangerous inclination to double capitalize in the Reader's Nook with The Scribbling Owlet! ” — Bio: Lu J Whitley is a full-time writer and self-professed oddball. She lives a quiet life in the mid-Midwest with her geeky, roboticist husband and four-legged children. You can find anything else...

Book Marketing: The Ultimate Guide to Selling More Books

Nancy Chase
Nancy Chase says “Check out this massive list of book marketing tips and insights - ” — LAST UPDATED JULY 30, 2015 by DIANA URBAN At the BookBub Partners Blog, we've published dozens of posts on book marketing, publishing insights, and self-publishing tips. We've compiled these posts ...