Thursday, 23 July 2015

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NEAFCY says “Witness the "They Live" style truth behind Oh My Vlog magazine.” — “I gotta say, this new vlog magazine is making some bold decisions”

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Annabelle Franklin
Annabelle Franklin says “Urban fantasy with a great premise and a humorous twist: My Books via @barbtaub
Superpowers suck. If you just want to live a normal life, Null City is only a Metro ride away. After one day there, imps become baristas, and hellhounds become poodles. Demons sett…

Cover to Launch!

Eli Kale
Eli Kale says “New blog post is up for the week of 7/20! ”
Friends, Welcome to a new a week! Have you set goals for yourself this week? Have you thought of how you'll go about accomplishing those goals? I think that is just one way (o…


Phillip Frey
Phillip Frey says “DONALD TRUMPERS”
It pains me to have to say this about some of my fellow Americans, but here is another quote from George Santayana: "Fools always find a bigger fool to follow."

Review Policy

sharlene almond
sharlene almond says “Review Policy via @ravenhairedgir1
I welcome review requests from publishers, publicists, and authors, and will consider reviewing books of all genres. Genres of Interest Nonfiction: Narrative Nonfiction Essays Biog…