Friday, 17 July 2015

Single Travel Perks

Karleen says “Perks of being single? TRAVELLING!” — I'm 27 and single.  I've had long term relationships in the past, however I came to the realization that while I loved them I couldn't see myself marrying them and wasn't keen on sticking in a long...

How to Use Song Lyrics in Your Book [INFOGRAPHIC] | Better Novel Project

AntrimCycle says “How to Use Song Lyrics in Your Book [INFOGRAPHIC] | Better Novel Project via @BetterNovelProj — Music evokes emotion, sets a mood, and brings fresh, dynamic and sometimes startling ideas to a writer. For many writers, music is a muse. When that happens, the written work can become inextricably bound to the music in the writer’s mind. As part of sharing their creative vision with the reader, writers often want to incorporate the lyrics of the song that inspires them into their story. But just like the creative work of an author, a book, is protected by copyright, the creative works of songw…

Dead Flies and Sherry Trifle

Annabelle Franklin
Annabelle Franklin says “This looks like an excellent summer read! Dead Flies and Sherry Trifle: via @geofflepard
It’s summer 1976 and hotter than Hades Harry Spittle, nineteen, is home from university, aiming to earn some money to go on holiday and maybe get laid. He expects he will be bored …