Saturday, 6 June 2015

Ian Thompson Author's DataHub

Ian Thompson
Ian Thompson says “5* Reviews! Action! Adventure! Great Characters! Lethal whodunit? Epic fantasy war? ” — News, free downloads and links from author Ian Thompson.

Money for Twenty (a Parody)

Jessica Wren Fiction
Jessica Wren Fiction says “Money for Twenty (a Parody)” — It has always been a dream of mine to be the female Weird Al Yankovich. Parody-writing is a lot of fun. Here is a parody of the song "Money for Nothing" by Dire Straits that summarizes my novel Ice...

In Search of the Seven-Minute Sermon - Venture Galleries

FC Etier
FC Etier says “In Search of the Seven-Minute Sermon-Venture Galleries via @ventgalleries Still time to cut out a few pages B4 Sun.” — Brevity is the soul of eloquence. Someone famous may have said it first, but I’ve repeated it frequently. I usually say that to a preacher who managed to finish a sermon in less than twenty minutes. Abraham Lincoln once delivered a three... Read more

These 9 Reasons Will Convince You to Start a Garden Right Now

Pete Planisek
Pete Planisek says “9 reasons you should start gardening right now” — “A garden is a gift that keeps on giving,” says Carmen Johnston, who runs a garden design, container gardening, and wedding floral design business called Nectar and Company. “Seeing your garden grow is one of the most rewarding experiences because you know how much love and effort went into making it happen.” Need further proof?

Don't Sweat Your Synopsis. Just Write It! 8 Easy Tips - Holly Robinson

Ricki Wilson
Ricki Wilson says “Don't Sweat Your Synopsis. Just Write It! 8 Easy Tips via @hollyrob1 —     Whether you’re an aspiring writer pitching a book idea to agents, or a seasoned author whose editor expects a synopsis for each new novel, creating a synopsis can feel like the worst writing you’ve ever done. That’s because it IS the worst writing you’ve ever done. Imagine summarizing one of your favorite classics Read More

Global Warming "Hiatus" Never Happened

S. G. BASU says “Global Warming “Hiatus” Never Happened” — Remember, how there was much joy about the recent "slowdown" or "pause" in atmospheric warming? Turns out, that never happened. In a study published in Science, researchers from the National Oceani...

Our innermost happenings

Diana J Febry
Diana J Febry says “Our innermost happenings via @phyllisring
Gleanings found here and there: Think, dear friend, reflect on the world that you carry within yourself. And name this thinking what you wish ... Just be sure that you observe...