Friday, 19 June 2015

DNA reignites Kennewick Man debate - BBC News

Tractus Fynn
Tractus Fynn says “The Ancient One May Now Rest in Peace BBC News - DNA reignites Kennewick Man debate” — DNA tests show an ancient skeleton known as Kennewick Man is related to modern Native Americans - reigniting a debate over whether his bones should be returned to local tribes and reburied.

phoenix sugarsocks on Twitter

L.A. Wilson
L.A. Wilson says “this is me right now...exhausted...” — “Writing hangovers are the worst. You get invested, you know the story, logical progression. You're just exhausted from writing it.”

Hindsight is 20-20 Podcast

Pete Planisek
Pete Planisek says “A look back at the box office darlings of 1992 on Hindsight is 20-20 podcast. Listen on iTunes, Stitcher, or” — It's time for two guys from the Midwest to cash some ego checks as they talk about Movies, TV, Politics, Sports, and anything else we can think of...but with our own inane twist. We look back on th...

So Your books are like Fifty Shades of Grey? | Arla Dahl

Arla Dahl
Arla Dahl says “Ginger up the arse is nothing new to BDSM, neither is sadism, flogging, submission or dominance...” — Fifty Shades of Grey has brought a new set of readers to this rich, exciting world, yet it doesn't represent the majority of works and artistry of erotica.