Friday, 8 May 2015

These PR Mistakes Can Kill You

Paul Keene
Paul Keene says “These PR Mistakes Can Kill You | Joan Stewart | LinkedIn ” — You've been Googling all night, trying to find a new computer that's within your budget and has all the bells and whistles you need.Finally, you locate the perfect make and model. But you want to call to ask a question before you order. You visit their website. No phone number anywhere!The company that was going to get your $400 sale has just flunked PR 101.Don't let the same thing happen to you. Failing to provide a phone number on every page of a website--yes, every page--is more c…

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NEAFCY says “ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT” — “"The thing about elections is, you keep voting, they stay the same government. Yes they do." - Matthew McConaughey”

The Daily Word Counts of 39 Famous Authors

marcia says “The Daily Word Counts of 39 Famous Authors” — If you want to be a published writer, you should cultivate a writing routine. Almost every writer I've interviewed has one. Creating a habit of writing - even if what you are writing is not good -...

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Lu Whitley
Lu Whitley says “Thanks to you as well @JBMorrisAuthor — “@LuJWhitley TY Lu for following me. I appreciate it & wish you the best of success with your writing. Take care & have a special weekend.”


Annabelle Franklin
Annabelle Franklin says “HEALTHY BANANA OATMEAL PANCAKES via @wordpressdotcom — I love the smell of pancakes in the morning but sometimes it’s hard to find a good healthy recipe so here are my super healthy easy to make pancakes. INGREDIENTS: 1 ripe banana                     ...

Four Emotions Derailing Your Goals

Ryan Hamner
Ryan Hamner says “Four Emotions Derailing Your Goals” — Emotions are powerful, especially if we let them work in our lives without paying full attention. They can derail our goals if we let them. In my experience there are four emotions that usually come mixed in a powerful cocktail, sure to undermine our goals: fear, uncertainty, doubt, and shame. Most of us succumb to […]

Why your iPhone is making you a capitalist tool

Kris The Bard
Kris The Bard says “I don't own a smart phone, but I'm often bumped by people in the street - eyes on their phones, oblivious to others” — For centuries, economists have built their models of the economy based on a certain vision of humans: as rational, calculating, profit-maximising individuals, free from the whimsies of emotion, humour and spontaneity.

A Needed Release

Charles Yallowitz
Charles Yallowitz says “A Needed Release”
So, I'm still working through the paranormal thriller.  It's getting tough since I'm still learning the characters, fighting fantasy author habits, and still have a …