Thursday, 28 May 2015


Lola Smirnova
Lola Smirnova says “Twisted” — Inspired by real-life events, TWISTED is a gripping New Adult suspense thriller about vulnerability, courage and the art of making a living in the sex trade.

You are not special

Jenny Hinsman
Jenny Hinsman says “If you missed it, here is the most popular link among people I follow by @parentteendr — The Road to Character. By David Brooks. Random House; 300 pages; $28. Allen Lane; £17.99. Buy from PEOPLE are too full of themselves, says David...

How To Plot A Perfect Scene In 10 Minutes

marcia says “How To Plot A Perfect Scene In 10 Minutes” — Breaking up your scene into bite-size units will make your plotting and writing easier. It will also save you time because you won’t have frustrating rewrites. Plotting is really a ‘to-do list’...

6 ways to be a more productive writer

Ricki Wilson
Ricki Wilson says “6 ways to be a more productive writer via @thefutureisred — I am a master of distraction. Indeed, I could spend days completing truly productive, helpful tasks and yet STILL find a myriad of methods to fill my time with everything but writing. I'm not alone in this. The sheer number of times I've had the Good-Lord-What-Have-I-Done-With-My-Time conversation. It's the nature of the writer. We procrastinate. We deviate. We feel pulled in

Dracula returns - landslide at St. Mary's Church sends gory human bodies tumbling into the town below - Altered Dimensions Paranormal

Carole Gill
Carole Gill says “Hey! creepy or what?? Look what happened in Whitby! A few years ago, but still!...” — St. Mary’s Church in the English town of Whitby, the clifftop church and adjoining graveyard that inspired Bram Stoker’s 1897 Dracula novel, is once again scaring the hell out of people. Heavy rain and a busted drainage pipe have led to landslides at the tourist attraction which caused gory human remains to tumble down on the houses and businesses. The landslide opened up graves in the ancient cemetery causing the macabre debris to slither down onto the city below. This is the second time this y…

3 Reasons You Should Take a Break From Your Writing

Kris The Bard
Kris The Bard says “3 Reasons You Should Take a Break From Your Writing via @write_practice — I know how it is. It’s a three-day weekend. You get caught up in the barbecues, the family time, the sunshine, the sales at the mall… and whatever else. You sleep in and soak it up. Then Tuesday morning comes, you drag yourself out of bed, and as you sip that cup of coffee you realize, oh man, you haven’t even thought about that manuscript for an entire three days.

Excerpt 4 from The Gamblers

Ricki Wilson
Ricki Wilson says “Excerpt 4 from The Gamblers via @CFFBooks
Here is another excerpt from my new novel THE GAMBLERS coming to you June 1st - available for preorder now Blurb: It is the story of Ben Andrews a shy accountant who becomes obsess…

Hello there, and welcome!

Eli Kale
Eli Kale says “My next newsletter will come out next week, so join my mailing list today to receive inside project details! ”
My name is Mike Pratt but I write historical fiction under the pen name of Eli Kale. Here, you will find information about all of my projects, from writing to vlogging to fundraisi…

Character Interview: Mary Walker

marcia says “Character Interview: Mary Walker via @PukahWorks
Welcome back for our Character Interview series.  Today, Marcia has returned with Mary from her book Perfect Match.  Mary, by any chance do you have a different name or a nickname …