Wednesday, 8 April 2015

New Adult Romance

Aditi Chopra
Aditi Chopra says “New Adult Romance via @RobynRozeAuthor — When denial mixes with obsession, it's a recipe for disaster ... Olivia Marshall suffered a devastating loss as a child and an unforgivable betrayal as a teenager. Her inner strength keeps her movi...

Stained Glass Cookies!

Danielle Freeman
Danielle Freeman says “Stained Glass Cookies! via @wordpressdotcom — I always have these great ideas about making everyone gifts. Then it gets down to the last minute and I end up having picked ideas that are way too complex to complete in the time I have left. Thes...

12 Classic Books That Got Horrible Reviews

Tom Slakey, Author
Tom Slakey, Author says “12 Classic Books That Got Horrible Reviews” — Reviewers are tasked with the daunting challenge of critically assessing a work's artistic merit, and determining whether a book is worth readers' valuable time. They are often also expected to predict -- or influence -- a novel's future, an assignme...

Rules Are Made To Be Broken

Timothy Baldwin
Timothy Baldwin says “Are you a rule breaker? Why do you sometimes root for the bad guy? Read this and find out.” — Explore the reasons why everyone breaks the rules sometimes and why we sometimes root for the bad guy. Vote for your favorite villain and take a quiz to see if you are a rule breaker or follower.

The Novel or The Screenplay: Which Sells?

A. Shay Walker
A. Shay Walker says “Some aspiring writer thoughts. The Novel or The Screenplay: Which Sells?” — Time to check-in. It's lunch time for me, I'm too sick to want to put anything into my stomach, and I'm listening to the most recent Hobbit soundtrack (don't make me cry Billy Boyd). This question ...

Post Alumni Launches Self-Published Fictional Book Series

Sean Brogan
Sean Brogan says “Check out The Shadow's Relic featured on LIU Post's Pioneer!” — By Maxime Devillaz Co-Editor-in-Chief Sean Brogan, who graduated from LIU Post with a B.F.A. in Film in 2011, has become a novelist. Brogan launched and self-published his first book on August 12, ...

Our First Visit, a Round Trip of 25 hours, but Wow!

Allyson Everard
Allyson Everard says “Google maps indicated our trip to our new house would last in the range of 7-8 hours each way” —   Google maps indicated our trip to our new house would last in the range of 7 to 8 hours each way, depending on which route we took, so we figured with an early start we could turn it around in 16...

Episode 44: Fantasy Character Fashion Show

Jeffery W Ingram
Jeffery W Ingram says “Listen to the Fantasy Character Fashion Show the latest episode of the Worldbuilder's Anvil” — Today’s Topic – Fantasy Character Fashion Show Please Subscribe, Rate and Review us in iTunes Baseline for a character’s appearance comes from the fictional state and the fantasy culture fashion. From the time your characters life span Age and Travel modifiers Appearance Hair Eyes Mouth Clothes Pant or what? Under the pants Accessories The little things in the house Show […]

Seven Signs That An Angel Is With You

Christine Sherborne
Christine Sherborne says “Seven Signs That An Angel Is With You” — by Linda Preston Angels exist on a different vibrational frequency to humans, and most of us are therefore unable to see them but we can often feel their presence around us. Angels have a way of ma...

Roman Colosseum

Aditi Chopra
Aditi Chopra says “Roman Colosseum via @wordpressdotcom
The Roman Colosseum is history at its best. Its magnificent, majestic and gives us a glimpse of how Romans entertained themselves. It is built so efficiently with gates all around …

An Interview with Author RJ Mirabal

RJ Mirabal
RJ Mirabal says “Please RT: My new interview with Kathy Wagoner of Southwest Writers, a great group of professionals. Check it out:”
RJ Mirabal is a New Mexico native and former high school English teacher whose debut novel The Tower of Il Serrohe was published in 2012 by Black Rose Writing. The Tower was a fina…

Travels in New Zealand: Week Two

Anthony Hill
Anthony Hill says “Great pleasure to meet Alan Lee, creative designer of LOTR/The Hobbit at Weta. Fabulous trip through Middle Earth”
Hamilton - Matamata - Lake Taupo - Wellington * Art and War. In Hamilton to meet my editor, Suzanne, and talk over revisions to my latest military book, we were lucky enough to see…

High Sensitivity: The Gift of Sight

Christy Golding
Christy Golding says “High Sensitivity: The Gift of Sight WOW!! This is me!!”
Highly sensitive people are gifted seers. Understanding and embracing the gift of sight is a necessary component of self-realization. Author, Sloan Rawlins

New Beginnings

Elaine Roberts
Elaine Roberts says “When something special happens it's definitely a sign, read our blog: New Beginnings via @wordpressdotcom
Elaine and Francesca look forward to Easter and the chance for New Beginnings. Elaine: The first short story I had published, almost two years ago to the day, was called New Beginn…

Plan a Bed Day Soon!

Blakely Bennett
Blakely Bennett says “Plan a Bed Day Soon! I had an absolutely fabulous weekend with my husband. It’s been years since w ”
I had an absolutely fabulous weekend with my husband. It’s been years since we’ve had a proper bed day and all I can say is PLAN A BED DAY SOON! You won’t regret it. What is a bed …

Devlin's Delicacies

Michelle Muto
Michelle Muto says “Blog Archives: Devlin's Delicacies (Homemade dog treats for your own Beelzepup)”
Many of you know by now that I'm getting ready to release a new book. While it isn't the second in the Ivy MacTavish series (I'm working on it), it is another young …