Monday, 6 April 2015

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FC Etier
FC Etier says “Something to think about on Easter eve. He died for all of us.” — Refresh Forward >>>An excerpt from The Apostles’ Creed… that has often led to some interesting conversations is, “I believe in the holy spirit, the holy catholic church, the communion of saints…” The attention-getter is the word, “catholic.” Many people erroneously assume a reference to the “Roman Catholic Church.” According to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, two relevant definitions apply: of, relating to, or forming the church universal of, relating to, or forming the ancie…

Grammar Demons, Take That (Part 3)

S. G. BASU says “Grammar Demons, Take That (Part 3)” — Continuing with my "Grammar Demons" series, today we have Quotation Marks. Another awesome infographic from to shed light on some common mistakes. I have often, particularly when workin...


Jane V Blanchard
Jane V Blanchard says “Content Editing: Plot, Pace and Clock—2-part guest by @lynnperretta
Congratulations to you as you finally write –The End– on the first draft of your manuscript. You have a right to feel proud; it has been a lot of work. But before you h…

Dragonswan Sisters ch. 3

Jen Winters
Jen Winters says “Dragonswan Sisters ch. 3 ”
Margaret had just made it to the kitchen when her phone rang. “What is going on?” she asked the security guard who had taken James’ place. “The police are here,” he informed...