Sunday, 5 April 2015

Religious Freedom Laws

Phillip Frey
Phillip Frey says “Religious Freedom Laws” — If I belonged to an atheist church (there are a number of them in our country), and I were a baker, I could refuse to sell my cookies to any members of any organized religion. By the look of things...

The Faces of the War Collection

Eli Kale
Eli Kale says “I'm approaching the 10K word count mark on my third book! You can check out my first two books here: ”
The "Faces of the War" collection is a grouping of historical fiction stories set during the Second World War. There are a handful of books planned to be in the collectio…

April Fools For Love Event

Aurora Springer
Aurora Springer says “Join in and win”
SFR Station is excited to bring together thirty amazing Science Fiction Romance authors for fun blog posts and a huge giveaway! Throughout the month of April, we'll be celebra…

Daily Cute: 3 Pugs in a Tub

Paul Keene
Paul Keene says “Daily Cute: 3 Pugs in a Tub | Care2 Healthy Living ”
What could be cuter than three pugs in a tub? Watch these itty bitty pug pups get the royal treatment, complete with a blowdryer styling at the end.