Friday, 3 April 2015

Plan for the Best, Expect the Worst

Charles Yallowitz
Charles Yallowitz says “Plan for the Best, Expect the Worst” — I've had the above song in my head for a while and been waiting for a good post to use it with.  Then nothing seemed to be working out.  I did a poem based on it, which seemed good enough.  Not the...

Fun news from SGLS Charlee!

Aurora Springer
Aurora Springer says “Fun news from SGLS Charlee! via @SmartGirlsScifi — Hi friends! Please forgive a bit of me talk today. I’m very excited to have my first “author” interview coming out today at The Galaxy Express.  It’s awesome that it’s happening at a place I respec...

Why plagiarize when you can rip off a writer's thoughts?

Rachel Thompson
Rachel Thompson says “Plz read THEN comment: Why plagiarize when you can rip off a writer's thoughts? - Columbia Journalism Review @cjr — I could frame this piece about plagiarism by starting with a little verse about a renowned professor who won his fame by appropriating the work of another: Let no one else's work evade your eyes Remember why the...

Free Stuff

Nick Travers
Nick Travers says “Free review copies of Gaia's Brood in return for publication day review posts. ” — FREE GAIA'S BROOD EBOOK - only available until 24 April 2015 Book reviews make books more visible to potential buyers.  So, if you undertaking to provide an honest review of my new book, Gaia's Bro...

How Do You Write Text Conversations In Your Story?

Dan Alatorre AUTHOR
Dan Alatorre AUTHOR says “How would you WRITE this text conversation between characters in your book? Reply or post on” — Supposed you have two characters in a story that are texting back and forth to each other. Like people do in real life, only with the boring parts removed. HOW DO YOU WRITE THAT? I've seen it at le...

A solar revolution is coming

Jarno Ahonen
Jarno Ahonen says “A solar revolution is coming... "In 1 hour the energy from the sun can power Earth for 1 year"” — "Every hour the amount of energy we receive from the sun is enough to power Earth for one whole year... Imagine if we can harness it."

Writing and Re-writing

Daniel Arthur Smith☆
Daniel Arthur Smith☆ says “It’s more important to have a sloppy first draft than it is to have a perfect first chapter - Kevin G. Summers” — I've been working at Warp 9 for the past couple of months, trying to finish the manuscript for my Apocalypse Weird story before an April 15th deadline. I'm pleased to announce that I finished the first draft last week and I've been working on rewriting a second draft ever since. Since it appears that quite…

Indie Recon Virtual Event - Christine Nolfi

Christine Nolfi
Christine Nolfi says “Tips on Reaching More Readers via” — Yesterday I taped a Creative Round Table with fellow authors Roz Morris and David Penny that will air during Indie Recon at the London Book Fair. Roz is an author, editor and writing coach with more than 4 million books sold as a ghostwriter; she now publishes fiction under her real name. David is the author of the …

Charlestown Fashion + Style Photography | Chic Coles, Chapter Two

Book Boost
Book Boost says “Charlestown Fashion + Style Photography | Chic Coles, Chapter Two ” — Melissa and I are at it again! This week's fashion post is a different take on the classic New England style. If you have ever felt like a schlub trying to pull together something semi-presentable to cover your body with for weekend errands while still rubbing the sleep out of your eyes, this outfit inspiration is for you, dear reader!

FBI considers animal abuse as a "crime against society"

Afobos says “Great news for animal lovers!!!” — The Feds are taking animal abuse to a new level. Animal abusers will now be grouped into the same category as murderers. The Federal Bureau of Investigation announced this week that animal abuse will be prosecuted as a "crime against society."

We're all so tired of winter!

Annabelle Franklin
Annabelle Franklin says “We’re all so tired of winter!”
We've had enough of winter and these endless gales! We're tired of having to wear hats when we go out... ...and we're tired of those naughty air spirits playing with…

Stop Youth Solitary

John Pirillo
John Pirillo says “VIDEO: Watch what we’re doing to our youth. It’s practically torture ”
It’s practically torture and we’re doing it to our youth? Every day across the country, young people (as young as 13) are held in solitary confinement with almost no human contact …

Mirages of Elraci - Leeland Artra Author Blog

Leeland Artra
Leeland Artra says “"Mirages of Elraci" A sneak preview 4 Thread Skein the electrifying conclusion of the Golden Threads Trilogy”
Things are progressing steadily. Even though the current chapter is 8,000+ words it was still hard to find a real non-spoiler slice to share. Here is a rather interesting scene fro…

Aliens and the Race to Earth preview

D.E. Morris
D.E. Morris says “I've added Chapter 2 to the free preview! Check it out: |”
Chapter 1 The young couple stood atop the platform five hundred feet in the air. A brisk autumn wind nipped their faces. The city stretched out far below, and the lights flickered …

The Art of Manuscript Submissions

Clay Stafford
Clay Stafford says “I find that most first-book authors tend to overwrite, says Senior Editor Deni Dietz ”
If manuscript submissions is too short, too long, wrong genre, sloppy presentation, it’s an automatic rejection.

RiP Dad... Gone, but Never Forgotten

Anthony Donnelly
Anthony Donnelly says “RiP Dad… Gone, but Never Forgotten”
RiP - Maurice Vincent Donnelly How time flies! Four years ago today, a wonderful man - my Dad - passed away. It was hard to be in a foreign land hearing the news. It was a shock, c…

Ghost of the Karankawa

George Wier
George Wier says “An excerpt from Ghost of the Karankawa, book 10 in The Bill Travis Mystery series.”
A snippet from Ghost of the Karankawa: We made it into Anahuac in the pitch blackness of night. It was getting late and we needed a hotel. I stopped us at a random stop sign on the…

Release Schedule for 2015

Russ Linton
Russ Linton says “Release Schedule for 2015 - Character-driven speculative fiction from Fictional Work”
Today, I've been re-evaluating my overall strategies for getting fiction into your face. You might notice a few minor changes here and there and there may be some major change…

Dragon Drive: Tactics Break [2002] ANALYSIS

Gregory Faccone
Gregory Faccone says “4 Play What You Like: Analyzing an SRPG—in a language U don't understand, w/ a little humor.”
Platform: PlayStation Turn-Based Strategy Role Playing Game: Turns by Unit Completion Level: Campaign Incomplete ~9 Hours Dragon Drive: Tactics Break is based on a Japanese manga. …

MY FIRST BLOG - Victoria Raine

Victoria Raine
Victoria Raine says “Thanks so much for adding me to the group !! Take a look at my 1st blog lmk what u think!!! :)”
 This is my very first blog.  And I’ve decided to admit something.  The idea of a blog for the world stage was terrifying and overwhelming for me, it caused a lot of anxiety.  Afte…

Her Ladyship's Ring - Cover Reveal

Kim Headlee
Kim Headlee says “Her Ladyship's Ring - Cover Reveal via @pfiala
It's almost here, Her Ladyship's Ring.  If you haven't had the pleasure of reading the first book in this series (though you won't need to to enjoy this one) The Marquesa's Neckl…

Princess of Amathar - Chapter 2 Excerpt

Wesley Allison
Wesley Allison says “Princess of Amathar – Chapter 2 Excerpt”
As if on cue, we were suddenly darkened by the shade of a large cloud above us. Moments later it began to hail. We held our furs above our heads to shield us, and quickly scrambled…