Tuesday, 21 April 2015

W. R. Watkins Official

W. R. Watkins
W. R. Watkins says “"Excellence At Work" by Hina Tabassum, review by W. R. Watkins ”
wrwatkins.wix.com — The official website for bestselling writer, W. R. Watkins.

The Teacup

Sarah-Jane Murray
Sarah-Jane Murray says “Hi! I'm excited to share my short story in the latest issue of @curamag
curamag.com — S. J. Murray Issue 15 • Spring 2015             Gertie was soft mannered normally, but whenever she did become angry, there was no mistaking it. She knew recent events were pressing on her, weighing her down to the point of drowning. It had all become too much. She had been stretched and stretched until her elasticity had been expended. She would never forget the sheer, unadulterated joy she experienced when her anger broke out and neither would Mrs. Wallace.               It all began …

Steven G. Taibbi on Twitter

Kaye Kelly
Kaye Kelly says “Wow Steven! What a BIG SO! Love It Thank you! :-) :-) :-)”
twitter.com — “.@_alexpiazza @MoonKissedMe @DMetamorphoses @CarlyCompass @sofyblu2 @kayekellyauthor @tana_carrillo @willy1892”


Ray Stone
Ray Stone says “At last - in print and shortly available in shop at Fantastic story!”
www.raystoneauthor.co.uk — Ray Stone, Author Ray Stone is the author of several publications to date including his first Novel – ‘The Trojan Towers,’ five Blues lyrics, a Poetry Book – ‘Life Over A Cup Of Tea’ , a political thriller entitled ‘Isia's Secret,' ...

'Spinster' Celebrates The Single Ladies

Katie Oliver
Katie Oliver says “via @nprnews: 'Spinster' Celebrates The Single Ladies”
www.npr.org — Writer Kate Bolick says that, growing up, she just assumed she'd get married some day — but it hasn't happened. Her new book looks at five women who upend traditional assumptions about women's lives.

Who are the bravest girls in classic fiction?

Wendy Jane Lennox
Wendy Jane Lennox says “Who are the bravest girls in classic fiction? Could name plenty others, including my own brave heroine, Josie :-)”
www.theguardian.com — To celebrate the 103rd anniversary of Harriet Quimby becoming the first woman to fly across the English Channel, we’re celebrating female courage in classic children’s fiction. Who are your top brave girls?

Man trapped in an 8-year "Groundhog Day" loop baffles scientists

Mitzi Flyte
Mitzi Flyte says “Trapped in Ongoing Memory Loop”
www.sciencealert.com — A 23-year-old man in the UK is stuck in an ongoing eight-year loop of déjà vu, according to a report published in Journal of Medical Case Reports , and his situation has neuroscientists completely stumped. The patient, who has a history of anxiety...

FirstWorld Saga - FirstWorld

Kris The Bard
Kris The Bard says “Welcome new followers. Quest for Knowledge free use code FREEFORTWITTERFOLLOWERS at checkout”
firstworld.info — The FirstWorld Saga comprises four novels in E-Book format. The E-Books are available in pdf, mobi (for kindle) or EPUB formats. All payments are safe by PayPal and you will receive immediate links to download all formats of the books, plus an e-mail containing the links, which you can use in the future if you …

Able Was I - Futility Closet

Alan Felyk
Alan Felyk says “Hey, it’s all Greek to me, too: ”
One French Republican, by writing and analyzing, has produced the following:– Which, being arranged in the form of a sentence, gives, ‘Napoleon on o leon leon eon apole…

Contact Us

Ellie Campbell Books
Ellie Campbell Books says “Contact ENovelAuthors via @eNovelAuthors
Thinking of joining us? There's strength in numbers and both joy and profit in network sharing. If you would like to find out what it takes to become an eNovel Author at Work,…

Movies about Writers and Writing

Heather Weidner
Heather Weidner says “Movies about writers and writing: ”
Looking for a good movie? I was updating my Netflix today, and I was thinking about movie themes. Here is my list of films about writers and writing. 1. Absence of Malice …

Angel of The Willows by Angela Gascoigne

angela gascoigne
angela gascoigne says “Sylvia Blacklock doesn't know her sleeping pills from her laxatives! Dark humour, love, laughter, tears.”
Angel of The Willows Angels really do walk among us as the residents of The Willows, a small cul-de-sac on the large and modern Elmwood Estate, are about to di

The Duncan Family

D.S. Williams
D.S. Williams says “Meet The Duncan Family The Nememiah Chronicles via @Nememiah
Matt Duncan Charlotte's father, an ex-marine who walked out on his wife and Charlotte when she was just two years old.  He is now forty years old. A recovering alcoholic, it t…

The Walsh Series Signed Paperback Order Form

Kate Canterbary
Kate Canterbary says “If signed paperbacks are your sort of thing, this might make you happy:”
Prices for signed copies, including domestic shipping, are provided below in USD. For shipping outside the United States, prices will be confirmed before individually. Please al…

* Cover reveal! *

Helen Pollard
Helen Pollard says “Cover Reveal for my new romance Holding Back, due for release 28th April. For a taste of summer, come & take a peek!”
Well, here it is … the cover art for Holding Back, due for release on Tuesday 28th April!     I love the rural, summery feel of it – very fitting, since the story is set in the bea…

Jane's Books

Jane Lark
Jane Lark says “Tipping her chin up another notch, she glared at the man, her fingers curling into fists”
The Illicit Love of a Courtesan a No.1 bestselling Historical Romance novel in the United States of America  "Pure, unadulterated romance." Best Chick Lit.com. "Just…

Hallelujah! Book Two is off to the Editor

Andrew Updegrove
Andrew Updegrove says “A writer's happiest days are when he starts and - finally - finishes writing a book. ”
The old line about the joys of boating holds that an owner's two happiest days are when he buys a boat and when he sells it. An author feels the same way about a book, althoug…

Paying it Forward with Ruth A Casie

Ruth A. Casie
Ruth A. Casie says “Ruth A. Casie at Mona Karel Paying It Forward”
Good morning, I hope your Sunday is going well. Here's Ruth Casie with information about her Druid story, and an excerpt for use to read over our morning beverage of choice. C…

Game of Thrones Season 5 Recap: Episode 2

Ian Thomas Malone
Ian Thomas Malone says “Here's the recap for tonight's Game of Thrones Episode. Does Jon Snow really know nothing? Find out my thoughts.”
This recap features analysis from a devoted book fan. Spoilers will largely be kept to comparisons between the show and the books within the episodes themselves, but if you hate sp…