Monday, 20 April 2015

Writers Wheel Magazine Issue 5 Mid-Spring

Susie Kearley
Susie Kearley says “Writer's Wheel: The free writing magazine from Compass Books” — Welcome to the fifth mid-spring issue of Writer’s Wheel, the FREE online creative writing magazine from Compass Books. Spring and early summer brings new growth, and in this issue of Writers’ Wheel, Krystina Kellingley writes about inspiration and where to find it. Annette Oppenlander tells us how your first chapter must draw in the reader or your book will return to the shelf unread and unnoticed. Simon Whaley is, as always, generous with his advice on generating ideas for articles, while Autum…

Review of Wolf Hall, Episode 2: Entirely Beloved -

Nancy Bilyeau
Nancy Bilyeau says “Prepped for Cromwell? Before tonight's Wolf Hall, read my recap of last Sunday's Entirely Beloved via @Medievalists — I will try to unravel some of the complexities of the relationships in the court of Henry VIII, which are shown on Wolf Hall without much effort to explain. While such a sophisticated script yields rich rewards, it assumes a certain working knowledge of 16th century power players.

As Above, So Below (2014)

Keeper of The Quill
Keeper of The Quill says “Keeper on... As Above, So Below (2014) READ ” — Crimson Quill's Appraisal #328 Number of Views: One Release Date: August 29, 2014 Sub-Genre: Found Footage Country of Origin: United States Budget: $5,000,000 Box Office: $40,200,000 Running Time: ...

Well, this is awkward...

Matthew Clark Leach
Matthew Clark Leach says “LVG post-match interview, this is how you deal with idiot @BBCSport reporters ” — In a feisty post-match interview, Louis van Gaal says Man Utd gave their best performance of the season in the 1-0 loss at Chelsea.


Peggy M McAloon
Peggy M McAloon says “FREE BOOKS available. See Clean Indie Reads! - via @Shareaholic — Please note the dates of the free promotion for each title.     April 20     April 21-25     April 22-26   April 24-26

A Dragon For Cymnea

Patrick Bran
Patrick Bran says “A Dragon for Cymnea Enjoy this flash piece” — My memory is long, longer even than my life. I remember those things that befell my poor mother before I cracked my shell. I am part of my ancestry, a long, thin line stretching into the dark past....

Advertising Your Book on Awesomegang

Vinny says “Want to get your book more exposure? Our $10 promotion reaches thousands of readers.” — I often get asked what do you get by paying for advertising your book on Awesomegang. Here is a list of benefits that you get. Featured Listing - Our Featured Listing promotion cost is $10 for each book. You will see the option for this on the bottom of the Submit Your Book page. We want to ...

FAQ about the Short Stories

robert bevan
robert bevan says “New on the C&C blog! I answer the most FAQs about my short stories and childishly mock a reviewer. Enjoy!”
When I finished writing, re-writing, editing, and publishing Critical Failures, I was a little bit exhausted. I was happy with what I had done, excited about sending it out into …

The Black Swans - Choosy Bookworm

AntrimCycle says “The Black Swans - Choosy Bookworm via @sharethis read and review for free”
By N.W. Moors Available as: Gifted eBook through Amazon, MOBI, PDF Taisie MacDonnell loves Celtic music and when a traditional Irish group moves to her small town of Antrim, Mai…

Awkward Stages

Kristy Rulebreaker
Kristy Rulebreaker says “Awkward Stages via @fluffybunnypj
A Book of Short Stories A girl and boy discover the difference between best friends and just friends. The summer before university is the catalyst for some strange longings. A...

Exclusive Excerpt from Seeker

Amy Reece
Amy Reece says “Exclusive excerpt from Seeker Coming April 28 from @limitlessbooks
Chapter one   “Belief is the burden of seeing...To see into the heart of something is to believe in it.” -N. Scott Momaday, “The Man Made of Words”   I can’t really tell …

Harry Reid says 'I will force a vote

Gary Newsom
Gary Newsom says “Harry Reid says 'I will force a vote'' on Lynch nomination -- bring it, band boy...”
The tense political struggle to make Loretta Lynch the next US attorney general threatened to break into all-out partisan warfare on Thursday, as Senate minority leader Harry...

A Story A Day Challenge: Late Night News

CP Bialois
CP Bialois says “A Story A Day Challenge: Late Night News”
Late Night News Jess hurried down the hall toward the phone, cursing whoever thought calling in the middle of the night was a good idea. Reaching the phone, she said, “Hello?” “Goo…

Shorties: Night Cruiser by Veronica Dale

Veronica Dale
Veronica Dale says “"Religion never gets in the way of her highly spiritual/psychological message." @CynthiaHarriso1 Night Cruiser”
Amazon UK Amazon US Book Blurb What is “the shadow” in these stories? It’s what lurks in the dark, and it’s different for everyone. • For Isabel, it’s the whisper from the basement…

Search: best part of "research"

Lesley Hayes
Lesley Hayes says “Looking forward to reading your novel when it's completed Phyllis!”
Recently, I donned a pair of white cotton gloves as I made my second visit to the National Archives. Poring over 35 photograph albums of Eva Braun’s, I recalled my last experience …

Newsletter - A Writer's Journey

Nat Russo
Nat Russo says “Antics, capers, mischievousness, dare I say shenanigans? You'll find it all at Erindor Press! ”
The Erindor Press newsletter is the place to go for the latest news in publishing, writing tips/tricks, grammar clarifications, contests, and giveaways! Be the first to hear about …

Unrequited Love: Guest Post by Jeff Gardiner

Jeff Gardiner
Jeff Gardiner says “Unrequited Love: Guest Post by Jeff Gardiner TREADING ON DREAMS ”
It’s my great pleasure today to welcome to the chaise longue a man who wears many hats. Jeff Gardiner is a writer of short stories, novels and non-fiction works. He’s also an edito…

Cloudbusting – The Los Angeles Review of Books

BookReviewNinja says “Cloudbusting: The following is from the most recent edition of the LARB Quarterly Journal: Winter 2015. To pic...”
The following is from the most recent edition of the LARB Quarterly Journal: Winter 2015. To pick up your copy of the Journal, become a member of the Los Angeles Review of Books at…


Peter Pike
Peter Pike says “A neoclassical song I wrote for my daughter. She is still my inspiration :-)”