Sunday, 19 April 2015

Why Is Elon Musk so Hellbent on Going to Mars?

geraldmkilby says “Why is Elon Musk so hell-bent on going to Mars? By @BadAstronomer. ” — Why is Elon Musk so hellbent on going to Mars? There are two answers to this. One is the actual answer. The other isn't exactly wrong—it’s technically correct—but it’s incidental. And it turns out that’s not even really the right question. Bear with me a moment. You need a little...

Man who saved Miami officer: “How could I not?”

Justin Forest
Justin Forest says “Man who saved Miami officer: “How could I not?”” — A boat maintenance worker with a wife and two kids became a reluctant hero Tuesday, when he swung his van between a Miami police officer and a man firing at the officer with an assault rifle.

Turn Your Thoughts Around

Michelle M Dobbins
Michelle M Dobbins says “How to turn your thoughts around” — Have any thoughts that are creating pain or you don't know why they are popping up? Turn your thoughts around and see what you discover.

What’s new in bookstores this week

Nancy Bilyeau
Nancy Bilyeau says “THE TAPESTRY: "Look for murder plots, politics, treachery and love," says Fort Worth newspaper book review” — Of note: A family gets scared in upstate New York, Joanna Stafford returns to Henry VIII’s court, and a royal wedding.

An Image in Exchange for 1000 Words

Victoria Reboiro
Victoria Reboiro says “My latest post at Violet Island :An Image in Exchange for 1000 Words” — To begin our journey together let me show you a glimpse of what Cycladia (The land where "The Seeress" is set) could be like. It is a wonderful painting by Dana Irving, whose artwork you can find a...

Women On 20s

WilliamBBrowning 3rd
WilliamBBrowning 3rd says “Why no women on currency? Visit @WomenOn20s to get a woman on the $20: ” — Women On 20s aims to compel historic change by convincing President Obama that NOW is the time to put a woman's face on our paper currency. But who should it be? We believe that's for you, the public, to decide from a slate of inspiring American women heroes.

From Now Until April 30

S. G. BASU says “From Now Until April 30”
I have been meaning to commemorate 500+ followers on this blog. I know, peanuts when it comes to the big picture, but 50 to 550+ in four months demanded some sort of celebration. T…


Catherine Rose Putsc
Catherine Rose Putsc says “A LITTLE ABOUT ME via @SusanneLeist
A Little about Me I was asked to contribute an article to a fellow author's blog. At first I panicked. I didn’t know what to write about. I’m a listener. I listen to other peo…

Come Dine With Us

Francesca Capaldi
Francesca Capaldi says “Come dine with me and @RobertsElaine11 . Who would you invite to the ultimate dinner party?”
Elaine and Francesca consider their dream guest list for the ultimate dinner party. Elaine: When Francesca and I were discussing which four guests we would each invite to a dinner …


Robin Woods
Robin Woods says “RT The first 50 pages of 4 of my books for FREE on my website! THE WATCHER SERIES ”
The Unintended: The Watcher Series Book One After breaking up with her boyfriend, seventeen-year old Aleria “Ali” Hayes finally feels liberated. Unfortunately, her ex’s buddies are…

Journalism to fiction: The path I took

Michael  Daigle
Michael Daigle says “"Journalism to fiction: The path I took”
On May 1, I’ll be a presenter at the ASJA Annual Writers Conference in New York. I’ll be on a panel discussing the topic, “From Journalism to Novelist: Making the Transition.” Here…


Alissa Crowley
Alissa Crowley says “Don't say it unless you mean it”
I wake up late at night, my body nude and vulnerable under the warm blankets. I turn around and bump into my lover’s back. His brawny upper body hiding the bedside clock’s light fr…

Rich, Racy, and Romantic Romeos

Liz Ellyn
Liz Ellyn says “Love books with Hot Men and Hot Cars.”
Maya Banks Anetakis Tycoons: The Bride This is the 2nd book (also known as the The Tycoon's Rebel Bride - I think) in the The Anetakis Series.  Oops! I guess I started reading…

Trawling the Archives

James Kemp
James Kemp says “Post Edited: Trawling the Archives ”
I've been looking through some of my early writing on my computer, most of which was written for publication in Chestnut Lodge's club magazine, known affectionately as Mi…

Spotlight on Susan Coryell

Susan Coryell
Susan Coryell says “Join @SCoryellAuthor on Joanne’s blog discussing new release BENEATH THE STONES”
I am thrilled to spotlight author Susan Coryell and her three novels. Here's Susan! How’s the luck of the Irish treating you? Have you found any lucky pennies on the road late…

Smoke and Mirrors

Jeffrey Goff
Jeffrey Goff says “When feeling weird write something really damn weird Smoke and Mirrors ”
Smoke and Mirrors Just how I came into being I cannot say with any certainty. My first known memory is of a bright light and finally seeing my brothers for the first time. Until th…