Saturday, 18 April 2015

O, to be in England

Jenny Burnley
Jenny Burnley says “O, to be in England now that April's here. ” —                   At the beginning of April, I am always reminded of a poem I had to learn by heart at school by the poet Robert Browning, ‘Home thoughts from Abroad’, or as it is often remembered by its first line, ‘O, to…


Terry Tyler
Terry Tyler says “"I wish I'd discovered Terry Tyler's books sooner" Totes amazeballs new review for LAST CHILD” —     My review of Last Child by Terry Tyler  My rating 5 out of 5 stars      I love being part of Rosie Amber’s Book Review Team #RBRT. I wish I had more time to read the books. I wis...

45 Years Ago Today: Apollo 13 Successfully Returned

Bob Mayer
Bob Mayer says “45 Years Ago Today: Apollo 13 Successfully Returned” — Apollo 13:  Successful Failure “From this day forward, Flight Control will be known by two words: 'Tough' and 'Competent.' Tough means we are forever accountable for what we do or what we fail to d...

The Orphan Killer Archives

Scarlet Genesis
Scarlet Genesis says “The Orphan Killer Archives READ via @RiversofGrue — The Orphan Killer Archives Orphaned Sequence Verse I: An Intimate Chronicle of Life with Marcus Miller Verse II: An Intimate Chronicle of Life with Marcus Miller Verse III: An Intimate Chronicle of...

Writing Tips - Showing emotion

Gee says “Writing Tips - Showing emotion ” — When I am writing my draft book I pretty much scatter it with adverbs, knowing that in the review stage I will need to take all these pesky little telling words out, and put some real emotion back ...

Newsletter Sign Up - The Authors' Billboard

Traci Hall
Traci Hall says “The Authors' Billboard ~ 30+ Bestselling Authors! ~ Monthly Bargain Books & Prizes ~ ” — SHARE:Sign up now for the Author’s Billboard newsletter and be the first to hear about their new releases, monthly giveaways and fabulous book sales. ★At the end of each month, 10 lucky newsletter subscribers will win a copy of one of our monthly featured books★ SHARE: SHARE:

Accountability — The Moral Imperative

Sam Silverstein
Sam Silverstein says “Read my latest blog "Accountability - The Moral Imperative"” — Some leaders focus on their needs first. Other leaders understand the responsibility that comes with leadership and focus on their team. Dan Price is the Founder and CEO of Gravity Payments. After discovering in a 2010 Princeton University Study that a salary in the $70,000 – 75,000 range was necessary for people to achieve happiness he decided to do something about the inequality in pay scales in the United States today.He took a pay cut! And, Dan used that money and the projected profits for t…

Five Tips to Take Content Viral - SiteProNews

Paul Keene
Paul Keene says “Five Tips to Take Content Viral - SiteProNews ” — Going viral is a huge goal for many brands. It is the dream result every time we hit the ‘post’ button on our social media status updates. With billions of

Jill Cofsky on Twitter

K. Lamb
K. Lamb says “Woohoo! That's exciting news. Can't wait to hear the result. Dani P. Mystery in another school library? Love it!” — “@danipmystery I talked with the school librarian today, too!!!!!! :))))”

30 great opening lines in literature

Jorge Montero
Jorge Montero says “Check out these 30 great opening lines in literature: ” — 'It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.' Martin Chilton picks 30 of the finest starts to novels


Eli Kale
Eli Kale says “My newest book, UNGUARDED, follows Oliver as he deals with wartime struggles! ”
Book Two: "Unguarded"    Release Date: January 24, 2015    Book Summary: Oliver, a young college boy in London, sees the life he knows and  loves changed when the Nazi bl…


Marsha Roberts
Marsha Roberts says “Authors let's talk story construction! @RectorWriter began the conversation: A STORY BUILT LIKE A BRICK . . ”
The “. . .” in the title refers to an outdoor accommodation that those of us of a certain age have memories of that are probably not so fond, especially when this facility was used…

Author Interview With Geoff Le Pard

Sally G Cronin
Sally G Cronin says “Author Interview With Geoff Le Pard via @sacha_black interesting and good to find out more.”
Interview slots are now closed until September 1st, when I am opening the slots up for author book release and promotions. Geoff is one of my favourite bloggers. I had the pleasure…

10 ways to be creative -

Jarno Ahonen
Jarno Ahonen says “Be happy, don't worry. + other good real tips to be creative. 10 ways to be creative”
Is your creativity at a lull? Two neuroscientists have come up with a scientific formula for inspiration.

Anne Frank: after the diary stopped

Gary Haynes
Gary Haynes says “An impossibly sad memory that, despite this, gives hope to the world: Anne Frank: after the diary stopped”
Much of the material covered by Anne Frank's diary, up to the time the family was betrayed, is familiar. Details of the final months of her life - told by people who encounter…

Julie Nicholls Did Something Beautiful!

Julie Nicholls
Julie Nicholls says “Thank you Jen Winters♥ Fabulous lady and awesome blogger AND indie author!!”
Hey you guys! Check it out! Look at the beautiful covers Julie Nicholls did for me! You might've seen Kissing Demons in her guest post, but we just finished Kissing the Rain&#…

Book Marketing: Twitter vs. Facebook

Nicholas C. Rossis
Nicholas C. Rossis says “Book Marketing: Twitter vs. Facebook”
As you know, there is research being done about pretty much everything nowadays.  I recently came across an interesting research by Michelle Bertino on Klout, that studies the reac…

Pre Order Contest

Book of the Day
Book of the Day says “Here is a chance to win $300 Amazon gift cards”
"WIN AMAZON GIFT CARD $ 300 ON PRE ORDER OF MY BOOK " 1'st Prize - $100 Amazon Gift card                           2nd Prize - $75 Amazon Gift card            3rd Pr…

EXCLUSIVE: Smoking is the cause of baldness

Ian Probert
Ian Probert says “New post on my blog: EXCLUSIVE: Smoking is the cause of baldness”
Scientists in California’s Arndale Centre For Hairless Research today announced that they have discovered the root cause of MPB (Male Pattern Baldness). After an extensive research…

Princess of Amathar - Chapter 12 Excerpt

Wesley Allison
Wesley Allison says “Princess of Amathar – Chapter 12 Excerpt”
The transport dropped lower as Bentar Hissendar guided in to a landing at a large installation just within the wall of the city. On a large tarmac, surrounded by several buildings,…

The Rise and Rise of Steampunk

Nick Travers
Nick Travers says “Then repeat the three touch fast writing process with the next chapter, and the next, until complete. via @njtravers
   Writing contemporary fiction is hard:  you either include specific gadgets and gismos, in which case your fiction is out of date the moment you publish, or you mention technolog…

How To Be Assertive in Everyday Conversation

maryhartley says “How to be Assertive in Everyday Conversation ”
The ability to engage with others is one of the characteristics of success and satisfaction in our professional and personal lives. Relationships in and out of the workplace are fo…

Bothered or Not Bothered?

Kali Marie
Kali Marie says “Bothered or Not Bothered? via @anna_bayes
The new Dove advertisement has sparked polarity amongst people. There are heated debates on Twitter and all over online magazines. Are you bothered, or not bothered by it? "It…

Problem Solved

Lois K. Gibson
Lois K. Gibson says “Ever been plagued by boozing teens? ▶ ◀ ”
Last week my husband and I were on vacation in Grand Cayman. We were having a wonderful time relaxing in the sunshine by day and enjoying the quiet of star studded nights. Until th…