Thursday, 16 April 2015

How far would you go to get the truth? - The Authors' Billboard

Ricki Wilson
Ricki Wilson says “How far would you go to get the truth? via @MimiBarbour — SHARE:How far would you stretch the elastic band around your principles if your whole career, your future, your sense of fulfillment depended on doing one wrong thing? And how would you respond if you learned that all was not as it should be in this world? What if you learned ghosts exist? In my...

Ross Downs on Twitter

Wilf Jones
Wilf Jones says “Totally agree - seen Paul Simon a lot but this was one of his very best. Sting was amazing too.” — “Just seen @OfficialSting with Paul Simon. One of the greatest gigs ever! Memory that will last forever #epic #paulsimon #Sting #Manchester”

Critical Linking for April 14th, 2015

Arla Dahl
Arla Dahl says “Critical Linking for April 14th, 2015 via @getswayy —  The ALA's Office for Intellectual Freedom today released its annual "Top Ten List of Frequently Challenged Books," based on over 300 reports of community members attempting to have literatur

Flowers That We Can Eat

Diane Ziomek
Diane Ziomek says “Flowers That We Can Eat Pretty and Edible” — Edible is not what most people think when they talk about flowers, although many are. The flavors and textures vary, but when added to other foods they can be quite tasty and visually appealing.

What I Learned from Mary Burton's Writing Process

Heather Weidner
Heather Weidner says “What I learned from Mary Burton's writing process: @MaryBurtonBooks — The Virginia Romance Writers recently invited our SinC-CV group to attend their February meeting to hear Mary Burton's presentation on writing. Here's what I learned... 1. Write your first draft and finish it. You can edit at another stage. 2. Set daily page or word count goals. You will stay on track if you have deadlines. 3. When you start to edit, check the last word of each sentence to make sure that it's strong. 4. Create a list of overused or weak words. When you're editing, go thr…

Literary Jewels • Title: The Unraveling of Shelby Forrest Author:...

EliteBookPromotions says “Everyday I'm Tumblin': ” — Title: The Unraveling of Shelby Forrest Author: Donna Friess Genre: Women’s Fiction > Contemporary Women >Domestic Life >Parenting & Relationships > Adoption Lovely 53 year-old SHELBY FORREST buckles her seat belt and closes her eyes as the airplane fills with passengers. She gulps some breaths of fusty air and tries to calm herself from the crippling anxiety that has consumed her since the life altering telephone call of the week before With a fisted knot…

L is for "Last Act"

Jamie White
Jamie White says “L is for "Last Act"” — Y'all probably know by now that I adore Christopher Pike's books. I have the majority of them and have read them all so many times, I should probably be able to recite parts by now. The book I am f...

100 Twitter Hashtags Every Writer Should Know - Aerogramme Writers' Studio

Author CJ Thomasson
Author CJ Thomasson says “100 Twitter Hashtags Every Writer Should Know - Aerogramme Writers' Studio” — Hashtags are one of the most important elements to successfully using Twitter to enhance your writing practice and profile. In fact, the importance of hashtags generally was recently demonstrated when the American Dialect Society recently named hashtag as the word of the year for 2012. Hashtags allow you to find new readers, connect with other writers who …

Books As Friends • Ash Blankenship

Kris The Bard
Kris The Bard says “Which books are your best friends? From @ashblankenship — Last autumn I moved and in the process I got rid of many books. It made the transition easier, but as a result I lost a few friends. Books, those simple bound pieces of paper we seem to have either too few or too many of, are often more valuable... | Ash Blankenship | Writer / Geek

Contact & About

Eli Kale
Eli Kale says “I'd love to connect with you if you have an interest in my projects! Subscribe to my mailing list here: ”
Mailing List Below is a form you can easily use to join the Eli Kale community! Just input your name, email, and a comment saying something like "Please add me to the mailing …

Revision 2: Early Stages

Ricki Wilson
Ricki Wilson says “Revision 2: Early Stages via @emaginette
The Big Picture The first read through (I recommend using a reader at each stage) is a time for getting reacquainted with your plot, subplots. To create a clean well organized work…

Mystery - A Twist of Fortune

Mike Martin
Mike Martin says “Mystery - A Twist of Fortune”
A Twist of Fortune By Mike Martin Publisher: BookLocker Published: April 2015 ISBN: 978-1634903806 Pages: 278 Genre: Mystery The small town of Grand Bank in southeast Newfoundland,…


Elizabeth N. Love
Elizabeth N. Love says “Day 3 Spotlight Author Blog Tour Stop By! ”
 "SPOTLIGHT" AUTHOR ELIZABETH LOVE        Elizabeth N. Love is a life-long resident of Kansas, where she grew up in what could be considered a cultural desert. Influenced…

Illicit Love Blog Tour - Stop 9

Jane Lark
Jane Lark says “There were a lot of avenues in the book which Jane Lark led us down beautifully and at just the right pace”
Welcome to Stop Nine on the Illicit Love blog tour! Jane Lark is celebrating her first instalment in the Marlow Intrigues series with a HUGE giveaway - including a one night stay i…

Episode 48: Character Traits and Flaws

Jeffery W Ingram
Jeffery W Ingram says “New Worldbuilding Episode 48: Character Traits and Flaws”
Today’s Topic – Character Traits and Flaws Please Subscribe, Rate and Review us in iTunes What makes the character stand out Attributes Physical Mental Social Vocationa…

IndieReCon Starts Tomorrow

J. C. Conway
J. C. Conway says “IndieReCon Starts Tomorrow via @cmkbooks
What's IndieReCon you ask? "IndieReCon is still an online conference offering the best advice and education for independent-minded authors across the world — but now offe…

Bye bye temporary flat...

Linda Huber
Linda Huber says “We made it! And the sun was shining when we said 'Bye bye temporary flat...' ”
Well, we made it. With a little help. At exactly 07.30 on Friday morning our super-efficient removal team arrived and proceeded to shift all our furniture and a few dozen boxes out…

29 Quotes From The World's Best Marketer -- Annotated

Yuval Harpaz
Yuval Harpaz says “Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”
Anyone that knows me at all knows that I'm a huge Seth Godin fan. Like thousands of others, I consider him to be the world's best marketer. So, I thought I'd do TWO things today. 1…