Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Lela Markham
Lela Markham says “Whew!” — Repair of The Willow Branch apparently accomplished. Just got to check hyperlinks. Backup, backup, backup! Repeat as necessary!

The language of your soul… [infographic]

FC Etier
FC Etier says “The language of your soul... [infographic] via @sarupashah — Something FABULOUS from Sarupa @ Helping Women put soul back into their money, sales and business issues : Affirmations and words become 'things' is almost universally accepted. Yet people aren't getting all that they want, so clearly something ab[..]

Sardine population collapses, prompting ban on commercial fishing

Vicki Sarris
Vicki Sarris says “SARDINE populations collapse from Canada to Mexico.2015 fishing season cancelled. @MontereyAq — The sardine population along the West Coast has collapsed due to changing ocean conditions and other factors, including allegations of overfishing, prompting regulators Monday to cancel fishing next season and schedule a vote this week on an immediate emergency ban. The Pacific Fishery Management Council agreed to close the fishery from Mexico to the Canadian border starting July 1, when the 2015 season begins, after federal scientists documented a 91 percent decline in sardine numbers along th…

Zero Is The Key

Ann Livi Andrews
Ann Livi Andrews says “Latest book review is live! Zero is the Key by @GuerreraRob — Zero Is The Key - Robert Guerrera There are a lot of young adult books out there. When I was in high school, I mostly ignored these as they tended to have flaky and unreliable protagonists. Plus, growing up in a Christian school, the "acceptable" reading choices weren't always the greatest of books.  So I really appreciate when I read a young adult novel that has strong role models for the children leading them. Not only are Declan and Dalya intelligent and responsible, but they…

Sneak Peek: GONE FOR YOU

Jayne Frost
Jayne Frost says “Sneak peek @ GONE FOR YOU's Cam and Lily...and it's getting hot. ” — A sneak peek at Gone for You, sexy romance coming April 28, 2015.

Mayweather Verses Pacquiao - Stuff Dudes Like

Robert Holt
Robert Holt says “An article I wrote about the big fight” — Image Credit: Never in the history of the great sport of boxing has a fight been as anticipated, as talked about, and as polarizing as the upcoming May 2nd …

Karen Dolan - IPS

Lonnie Hicks
Lonnie Hicks says “For those interested in poverty, the police, California and National trends in this area see: Karen is excellent.” — Areas of Expertise: Progressive movement, policymakers Poverty, economic hardship Cost of war and militarism at home Karen Dolan is a Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies. Karen holds an M.A. With Highest Distinction in Philosophy and Social Policy from the American University in Washington DC. Karen joined IPS in 1996. Her public scholarship and... Read more »

Which Marvel Superheroes Are Sitting Out Avengers: Age Of Ultron?

Jeff Faria
Jeff Faria says “Joss Whedon's explanation of why 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' is a very personal project ➤” — Plus watch two new clips from Avengers 2, and read Joss Whedon's explanation of why this movie is a very personal project. And find out what's up with Black Panther and Inhumans. Another star joins the live-action Beauty and the Beast. Plus Arrow and The Flash tease the CW's spinoff show. To Me, My Spoilers!

Write Everywhere: A few Tips on Maximising Your Writing Day

Jason Greensides
Jason Greensides says “Write Everywhere: A few Tips on Maximising Your Writing Day — Jason Greensides ” — You already know life is hectic, I mean, if you're anything like me, your eyes are already glazing over at the banal and clichéd phrase 'life is hectic' - the traces of a snarl flickering on your crumb-covered lips, your touchscreen-calloused forefinger twitching to scroll down, an itch at the back your throat where coffee-thickened gargled words are galloping towards the screen: 'JUST GET ON WITH IT, WILL YOU!  GIVE ME THE INFORMATION SO I CAN GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!!'  I'm with …

Stained: By Elizabeth Marx

Elizabeth Marx
Elizabeth Marx says “RT STAINED "The writing style is smooth & captivating..." ”
Book Name: Stained Book Author: Elizabeth Marx Book Cost: $3.99 (Kindle Edition) Book Description: Literature & Fiction, New Age, Coming of Age, Contemporary Book Purchase Loca…

How to cure procrastination - write like a frog

Gee says “How to cure procrastination - write like a frog ”
Frogs, not one of natures most obvious masters of writing. Yet Kermit appears to be beating his keyboard with a certain level of industrious, even exuberant, energy. So, what can w…

Saxons, Dogs and Rock & Roll Witches

Martin Bolton
Martin Bolton says “My dazzling reposte to @RobeH2's blog on Bernard Cornwell's Saxon Chronicles. This argument's heating up! ”
Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, here is my dazzling reposte to my friend and fantasy co-writer, David Pilling's blog post entitled 'Uhtred Shmutred', whic…


Darren Scanlon
Darren Scanlon says “A SILVER TALE by Darren Scanlon. ”
  She wore a silver dress stitched with finest silken thread, silver shoes and matching gloves and a tiara upon her head.   She sat on the silver sheets of her soft and s…

YA Book Bundle Giveaway

Dan Wright
Dan Wright says “Enter the YA Book Bundle Giveaway to win a copy of Amanda Moonstone: The Missing Prince!”
Celebrate National Library Week by winning YA Book Bundles!

On The Right Track

imasillypirate says “Reposting a story this week! On The Right Track…”
“No, there was a Bigfoot here, Charlie.” Stan was a true believer, he had seen a Bigfoot when he was a kid, and I'm pretty sure that the main reason he had gone to college in …

Six Secrets with author Kath McGurl!

Kathleen McGurl
Kathleen McGurl says “I'm on the Pink Ink website today, giving away six 'secrets' about myself. Don't get too excited - some of you...”
It's great to have the lovely Kath McGurl on Pink Ink today. Here she shares six things that no one else knows about her! I once cycled from John O’Groats to Land’s End, carry…

Why it’s Important to Take Down Charlatans

Howard Chuck McEwen
Howard Chuck McEwen says “Why it's Important to Take Down Charlatans HM: Naughty words but good info.”
Hey, you, the one up there on the high horse, the holier than thou one. Yes, you. Fuck you. I am a friend of Yvette d’Entremont, A.K.A. Science Babe, and I am proud of her. She’s d…

Having Fun

Stavros Halvatzis
Stavros Halvatzis says “Having Fun via @tmycann
It's hard to believe how often weeks fly by in a blur; we're almost halfway through the fourth month of the year already, and it feels subjectively like the year just sta…