Saturday, 7 March 2015

Look Who Dropped By Today: Bernard Foong

Bernard Foong
Bernard Foong says “Check out: -” — Good morning. I'm stepping outside my usual box this morning and introducing you to an Amazon bestselling author who writes for Solstice, but who does so in the area of non-fiction. Bernard Foong i...

Internet of Things: How Technology Makes Our Homes Smarter

Kerry Butters
Kerry Butters says “Internet of Things: How Technology Makes Our Homes Smarter  ” — The smart home revolution has in fact already begun. According to Gartner Inc. there are already more than a million homes in the US that are currently outfitted with some kind of smart technology**. And by 2022, Gartne says, a typical family home will be equipped with around 500 connected devices.

The Mathematics Behind Getting All That Damned Snow Off Your Street | WIRED

Carol Miller
Carol Miller says “For those with too much snow... "The Mathematics Behind Getting All That Snow Off Your Street" - Wired Magazine” — Plow driver J.J. Giugliano Jr. battles the snow on Pleasant Street near Monument Square in Charlestown. Lane Turner/The Boston Globe/Getty Images This winter has dumped a lot of snow on the east coast. A lot of snow. Boston, to offer an example, has seen 99.9 inches of the stuff, just eight inches shy of its…

The Truth 4 Today #81

Beca Lewis
Beca Lewis says “The Action Of Love ” — Order this Truth 4 Today Print There is so much going on in the world that doesn’t feel, or look, like the action of Love. And yet, we choose this premise and point of view – that Love is the only action. How can put these two opposites together? The same way we put dark [...]

News Release: Wrath Takes Honorable Mention

Lita Burke
Lita Burke says “News Release: Wrath Takes Honorable Mention ” — More chit-chat around the web about Lita’s goings-on. Check out Wrath, Prequel to Tredan’s Bane by Lita Burke Takes Honorable Mention in the 2014 Readers’ Favorite International Book Award Contest ...

Andres Conde

Stacy Conde
Stacy Conde says “New SOCIAL by @andrescondeart, sublime. ” — Uprooted from Cuba as a child, and brought to Miami via Spain in 1983, Andres Conde, an expressionist painter with pop tendencies, mitigates the feeling of displacement by merging images from popul...

Why I Would Spend the Rest of My Life on Mars

Raita says “"Why I Would Spend the Rest of My Life on Mars" by @DoNotGoGently — Two weeks ago, I learned that I am one of 100 remaining candidates for the Mars One project, a private effort to put four humans on the Red Planet by 2024. The venture is breathtaking in its scope and audacity, and the technical challenges are considerable, but the potential reward is enormous: If we are successful, we will secure a new planet for humanity.The catch? It’s a one-way trip. Once the colonists arrive, we plan to stay for the rest of our lives.Some of the reasons for staying permanen…

Professor turns to mystery writing

N.A. Granger
N.A. Granger says ““Play dead for me?”” — Noelle Granger, professor emeritus at UNC-Chapel Hill, has just launched the second novel in her Rhe Brewster Mystery series – “Death in a Dacron Sail.”

The epic sci-fi ANDROID: EARTH coming soon to Kindle and ebook platforms. Available now as a large, quality paperback on Amazon!

Kris The Bard
Kris The Bard says “The epic sci-fi ANDROID: EARTH coming soon to Kindle and ebook platforms. Available now as a large, q… via @_pjward — Books by Paul J. WardEpilogue“Congratulations, Dsyrill,” Colonel Juif Slio said from behind the oak desk that had by all accounts been used by military commanders for generations.“Thank you, Sir,” ...

Publishing, Indie Style!

Voice Of Indie
Voice Of Indie says “I'm indie published and proud to be! Here's why! ”
Is it such a terrible thing to self-publish that novel you've spent hundreds of hours perfecting? Some authors think so. There are those who believe self-publishing is selling…

So, who was Cyrus, King of Persia?

Nicholas C. Rossis
Nicholas C. Rossis says “So, who was Cyrus, King of Persia? ”
A few days ago, I promised to write a post about Greek history and the story behind the book. As some readers have noticed, the map of Pearseus is essentially that of Greece and As…

Seven Beyond by Stella Atrium

Stella Atrium
Stella Atrium says “5***** review from @RabidReaders “This is a story that won’t let go once it has you.” ”
Publication Date: February 9, 2014   Dr. David Christopher Meenins, Lady Drasher Elizabeth Tasgneganz, Dr. Virgil Augustus Grammario and the mysterious Linda Deemer are on a j…

Conclusion of "The Atavist" Part 3

Cliff Hays
Cliff Hays says “Check out @lisaisanauthor's webpage-turning sci-fi short story THE ATAVIST Free on her blog”
Click here to return to the beginning of the story.To return to Part 2, click previous.Previous Paragraph:Maxwell was standing, legs apart and shoulders hunched, as the nurse heade…

Why Consider the Impossible?

Lisa Henderson
Lisa Henderson says “How I recovered my creativity: "Why Consider the Impossible?" ”
It had been a while since I had considered the impossible. My bipolar medication had made sure of that. It tugged down my mood and put a ceiling on my imagination. It chained me to…

Until All Hope is Gone

Regina Puckett
Regina Puckett says “Until All Hope is Gone via @ReginaPucket
Until All Hope is Gone Regina Puckett A sweet innocent game of playing in the mud Two friends crossing their hearts with pretend blood Until one day the two children grow up and gr…

Yumbox Lunchbox Review

Zainab Jagot Ahmed
Zainab Jagot Ahmed says “I've blogged! Yumbox Lunchbox Review @EatWellUK
When I was asked to review the yumbox lunchbox I jumped at the chance. Aaliyah will be going to school in September so it couldn't have come at a better time. And after readin…

Magic Battles: The Drache Girl

Wesley Allison
Wesley Allison says “Magic Battles: The Drache Girl”
“I’ve been waiting quite a while for you, sorceress.” He smiled broadly, his thin-lipped mouth seeming abnormally wide across his heavy jaw line. “I’m not a sorceress. I’m just a l…