Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Booktrope–A New Approach To Publishing

S G Basu
S G Basu says “Booktrope–A New Approach To Publishing” — This sounded interesting and fresh to me, so wanted to share here. Of course we all know about the state of the traditional publishing industry today where it's either a stroke of luck, or knowing ...

The Book We're Talking About

Aditi Chopra
Aditi Chopra says “The Book We're Talking About via @HuffPostBooks — A Bad Character by Deepti Kapoor Knopf, $24.00 Published January 20, 2015 The Book We're Talking About is a weekly review combining plot description and analysis with fun tidbits about the book. What we think: A fiery, incandescent debut,...

We Need to Be Cautious About A.I. But That Does Not Mean You Should Fear It.

Jacob Whaler
Jacob Whaler says “We need to be cautious about artificial intelligence. That doesn’t mean you should fear it. via @slate — In January, I joined Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, Lord Martin Rees, and other artificial intelligence researchers, policymakers, and entrepreneurs in signing an open letter asking for a change in A.I. research priorities. The letter was the product of a four-day conference (held in Puerto Rico in January), and it makes...

Most (and Least) Stressful Jobs for 2015

Susie Kearley
Susie Kearley says “Photojournalists are no. 9 on the most stressful jobs of 2015 list. :-)” — Which jobs will have your running to the therapist and which are a piece of cake? The most and least stressful jobs of the year.

How to Start and Run an Errand Service

Diane Ziomek
Diane Ziomek says “How to Start and Run an Errand Service” — This Hub gives the reader a basic layout as to what an errand service may entail. It is based on personal interpretation of what may or may not work.

English Paper Piecing - A Grandmother's Flower Garden

Diane Ziomek
Diane Ziomek says “English Paper Piecing - A Grandmother's Flower Garden Editor's Choice” — The creation of a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt is one of the most rewarding. Although more time consuming than quick piecing with a sewing machine, the results are well worth the the effort.

Biblical Anarchy 3

Lela Markham
Lela Markham says “Biblical Anarchy 3” — Hi, Lela. I hope you and everyone reading enjoyed a blessed week since our last discussion! I am enjoying it, Becky, and I’m looking forward to continuing the conversation. So...

Online seller pulls cruel trick, sells pencil lead photographed alongside Nintendo 3DS XL

Mark Aaron Carlisle
Mark Aaron Carlisle says “sorry Online sellers cruel trick, sells pencil lead photographed alongside 3DS XL via @RocketNews24En — The internet is full of awesome stuff, isn't it? Cute cat videos, like-minded folks to chat with, and Mr. Sato of course. But the internet is also notorious for its dark underworld, where trolls, annoying memes, and fraudsters lurk. When it comes to online jerks, you'll have trouble finding anyone who is more gleef ...

Through The Mists

Sue Vincent
Sue Vincent says “Through The Mists” — We were out before daylight again this morning, the dog and I. The human half of this pre-dawn duo gratefully shrouded in a padded coat and borrowed flat cap, looking rather like Bibendum.  The sma...

Steven Hobbs author news

Steven Hobbs
Steven Hobbs says “Love fine printing, and a poignant tale? The Moon Key is in my Spring Sale now! ” — Steven Hobbs author news - regular updates on Steven Hobbs' writing.

MJ Appears on Forbes' Billionaire List

Zay Heron
Zay Heron says “Don't know why, but I'm happy for him. AirJordan makes @Forbes' World's Billionaires List” — Many former athletes run into financial issues after their careers, be it due to lavish spending habits or a difficulty adjusting to their post-sports lives...

Indie Author: Paul Zunckel

Khulani Development
Khulani Development says “… Visit my Blog and collect your Discount Coupons, Take a journey into the unknown. Smashwords Discount Week.”
Get to know the author of horror, suspense and thrillers. An Indie Author listed with Amazon.

Read an eBook Week!

Ricki Wilson
Ricki Wilson says “Read an eBook Week! via @cw1985
Hi everyone, It's Read an eBook Week, and one of my publishers, Tirgearr Publishing, is celebrating by giving a huge 50% off their books via Smashwords from 1st - 7th March. A…

Romance Books - Buck Books

A.D. Ellis--Author
A.D. Ellis--Author says “Buck Books! Subscribe and get books for just $1! The romance event is coming March 5!”
On the 5th day of every month, get the hottest romance books and new releases, for one day only, for just one "buck" each!

It's Already March!

Eli Kale
Eli Kale says “New blog post is up for the week of 3/2! ”
Friends, A new week, a new chance to make a difference, a new opportunity to accomplish your goals. It's crazy that March is already here! Let's delve into today's p…

Start Your Author Platform Pt. 1

P. H. Solomon
P. H. Solomon says “Start Your Author Platform Pt. 1 ”
I’ve recently had a friend begin building a writing platform so I’ve handed out some advice and suggestions. I’ve written about some of my work over the last year in building my ow…

Diamonds to Dementia: Part 1

Ian Graham Leask
Ian Graham Leask says “MY NOVEL ABOUT DEMENTIA ”
Living with a person with vascular dementia is living in a difficult, unpredictable and stressful situation for an unknown amount of time. Some days might be good, other days will …

Monday's Personal Log, 3

Jen Winters
Jen Winters says “Monday’s Personal Log, 3”
I had one of those weekends where I managed to accomplish nothing except to make myself feel bad about my parenting skills. If you are a parent you know exactly what I am...

On Fantasy Naming Schemes (Method #1)

Raymond Clarke
Raymond Clarke says “Can't think up the perfect name for your character? Check out On Fantasy Naming Schemes for some ideas.”
Let me tell you 1 very important thing, right from the start: I completely suck at coming up with names. Place names, character names, all the other miscellaneous names that you do…

Fifth Tower Interview--Susan May

Susan May
Susan May says “Finally I reveal in this interview with @Chris_Mentzer why they thought I was a creepy kid @ school.”
Good morning to everyone! This is my third in a series of interviews that I have done with Indie Authors. If you haven't had the chance to read the other two, you can check th…

7 Suitable Jobs For Writers

M.C.Dulac says “7 Suitable Jobs For Writers via @TaraSparling
Writers don’t make any money, let alone a living. This has once again become a hot topic. A writer behind a newspaper article in this country just a short time ago was praised for …

NEW RELEASE DAY: Reap & Repent is LIVE

Lisa Medley
Lisa Medley says “NEW RELEASE DAY: Reap & Repent is LIVE! Don't miss this Dark Urban Fantasy. Reapers, demons, angels & romance?…”
At long last, Reap & Repent is live! BUY NOW on AMAZON Happy Book Birthday! Long live the series. Reap on!

#Read about Guest #Author Jeff Gardiner

Jeff Gardiner
Jeff Gardiner says “Read about my writing and of unrequited love”
I’m a British author, living in West Sussex. After completing an MPhil in Literature, I became a secondary school English and Drama teacher. Then I was lucky enough to go part-time…

Sex abuse on industrial scale - PM

Sam Kirshaw
Sam Kirshaw says “UK children suffer sex abuse on 'industrial scale'. Yes, Mr Cameron and how about looking at the Dolphin Sq factory?”
Children in the UK have suffered sexual abuse on an "industrial scale" with authorities failing to tackle the problem, David Cameron has said.

Pure and Evergreen.

Ronovan Writes
Ronovan Writes says “Pure and Evergreen. ”
I wrote you letters on your doorstep in late December Painted through thoughts pure and evergreen Never knew they would be so briefly held to matter Why are they memories that won’…

#Art of Fantasy 8: Terese Nielsen

Kryssie.fortune says “Randomly clicked this on twitter. Amazing artwork. Just wow.”
I am late this week. I've been working on the first draft of a story that had to get finished this week and I just finished it. It's a short story that became a novella b…