Saturday, 28 March 2015

The Secret Successful Project Managers Know! (and Most Veterans Have!)

Aditi Chopra
Aditi Chopra says “"The Secret Successful Project Managers Know! (and Most Veterans Have!)" on @LinkedIn — The set up.OK, so it’s not really a secret, it’s just not well publicized. Let’s do a little experiment to illustrate what I mean…I’m going to say a word (Okay, really two), and I want you to take note of what images, concepts, and impressions pop into your mind. Ready?“Project Management”.Well?If you’re like most people I ask, you immediately conjured up images of Gantt charts, the GUI (graphic user interface) of your favorite project scheduling software, or the ‘iron triangle’; or you thought …

10 Behaviors of Genuine People

Paul Keene
Paul Keene says “10 Behaviors of Genuine People ” — In a world of phony fads, media hype, virtual personas, and personal brands, being genuine is becoming an endangered quality.

A Writer's Guide to New Year's Resolutions

Alexis Radcliff
Alexis Radcliff says “A great, uplifting post from @lillian_graves: "So write whatever you want. Remember: it can always be fixed."” — It's that time again - the day we promise things we know two months from now, most of us won't cross off. The day we flood agent's mailboxes with query letters. The month we go so hard, we thank Go...

The Novel or The Screenplay: Which Sells?

A. Shay Walker
A. Shay Walker says “Some aspiring writer thoughts. The Novel or The Screenplay: Which Sells?” — Time to check-in. It's lunch time for me, I'm too sick to want to put anything into my stomach, and I'm listening to the most recent Hobbit soundtrack (don't make me cry Billy Boyd). This question ...


Margaret Mendel
Margaret Mendel says “.@BH_Event_Space New blog post. Is winter coming to a close?” — Finally it's mid March and I think we've been released from the ferocious grip of winter. Well, I hope that's the case. There may be more snow, early spring flurries that will seem tame compared to...

Torturing Characters

Ann Livi Andrews
Ann Livi Andrews says “New Rambling Blog!” — Well, the house is clean, my son is sleeping, the third load of laundry is finishing up in the washer, the sun is out in full force, and the sky is a beautiful blue.  And what am I doing?  I'm torturing my main character in Hollow Towns. Yep. You heard correctly.  I spoke to Riley about this yesterday in an effort to understand my compulsion and to, perhaps, lessen my guilt over the matter. But the fact of the matter is that this character must suffer immensely to further the …

Our First Visit, a Round Trip of 25 hours, but Wow!

Allyson Everard
Allyson Everard says “Google maps indicated our trip to our new house would last in the range of 7-8 hours each way” —   Google maps indicated our trip to our new house would last in the range of 7 to 8 hours each way, depending on which route we took, so we figured with an early start we could turn it around in 16...

RE/Search’s Vale and JG Ballard on William Burroughs

Sophia Myers
Sophia Myers says “RE/Search’s Vale and JG Ballard on William Burroughs” —   This is a guest post from Graham Rae. In 2007, I interviewed Val Vale, of RE/Search Publications, and the late futurologist novelist JG Ballard, about a writer whom they were both very favorably predisposed to, William S. Burroughs. I talked to the amiable Val by phone, and sent JGB a few questions by mail, sending him a copy of an expensive science book I had received for review, An Evolutionary Psychology of Sleep and Dreams, to sweeten the pot. The answers are below. These interviews…

Share Our $5 Credit with Your Readers!

Jeanne Moran
Jeanne Moran says “Share Our $5 Credit with Your Readers! ”
What's another great reason for readers to buy your book at NOOK? Our $5 credit is available to new users when they download the NOOK Reading App™ 4.0 for Android and iOS. Share …

Indie Author: Paul Zunckel

Khulani Development
Khulani Development says “Looking for a roller coaster ride over the weekend, Look no further and follow Whispers in the Wind.”
Get to know the author of horror, suspense and thrillers. An Indie Author listed with Amazon.

Failed Plans

Charles Yallowitz
Charles Yallowitz says “Failed Plans”
Waking up with a plan Yet fate will play a role Flat tires or random calls Delays gnawing on your watch Trying to push them away As new ones storm the door Problems lingering Just …


Jeremy Essex
Jeremy Essex says “Just had a new short story published in a great online magazine called 'Acidic Fiction'.”
Aberration by Jeremy Essex Michaels saw the dark shape down on the railway line while he was making the morning drinks. He put down the tray of empty cups, whistling to himself as …

Fictional Character Development Techniques

James J. Murray
James J. Murray says “CREATING GREAT FICTION CHARACTERS < A How To Blog On Character Development”
When people learn that I write fiction, they often ask how I develop the concepts for my main characters. The answer is simple: from observing people in their everyday lives. The l…

Short Stories - Steven Hobbs

Steven Hobbs
Steven Hobbs says “The mystery & allure of the written word. Read The Clays of Ur on my Short Stories page here: ”
The Clays of Ur The bright silvered prow is surging, foaming; parting the wine-dark sea. Cradled in the mother’s embrace of oiled wood and iron nail, these men pull on long-shafted…

James Lawless

James Lawless
James Lawless says “James Lawless via @KathyReinhart
I've been doing a lot of reviews lately, but today I'm going to step away and go back to what I originally began Ink Drop Interviews doing - an actual interview. Today I …


figuratio says “Here's an interesting little story: via @wordpressdotcom
Emily. That is her name. She spoke it after some little conversation by the water's edge. She was not pretending anything. The grass beneath the pines was spread with shadows;…

Project Management Pt. 11: Making Up Time

P. H. Solomon
P. H. Solomon says “Project Management Pt. 11: Making Up Time ”
This is an ongoing series to help authors manage their projects better. Previous posts have covered a wide range of subjects over several months. Please see below for a list of tho…

Writer's Block Workbooks

Morgen Bailey
Morgen Bailey says “Heavy briefcase to one side… (taken from workbook 1 )”
I am currently planning eight volumes of eBook workbooks to help you if you're stuck with ideas. Volume 1 and 2 are already released (see below) and I shall be eBooking the ot…

How Characters Come to Life

Tonia Parronchi
Tonia Parronchi says “How Characters Come to Life”
Taken from my website blog, feb 2013. This week I have had three unexpected comments about my work. One was a lovely plug for "The Song of the Cypress" on Essentially Art…


William Stadler
William Stadler says “LET THEM EAT CAKE”
HOW TO DEVELOP CHARACTER “Let them eat cake,” allegedly stated by Marie Antoinette when she discovered that the peasants had no bread. The reason that we’re looking at this today i…

Travels in New Zealand: Week One

Anthony Hill
Anthony Hill says “Travels in New Zealand: Week One”
For nearly three weeks between the middle of March and Easter, my wife Jill and myself are travelling in New Zealand: mostly holiday through the North  Island, but a few days to di…


Samantha Reed
Samantha Reed says “Cornteeth via @thePOZOLE
“Cornteeth!” G yelled at me in the back seat of our blue, 4-door piece of shit Nova as we drove to our grandparent’s home. I was probably eight or nine or ten when it first happene…

Rita Run-Down -- The Paranormal Finalists

J. C. Conway
J. C. Conway says “Rita Run-Down — The Paranormal Finalists”
With the announcement this week of the finalists for this year's Rita Awards, it's time to take a look at what participating RWA members consider the best of 2014. Let�…