Monday, 23 March 2015

The Writing Muscle

S. G. BASU says “The Writing Muscle” — Exercise the writing muscle every day, even if it is only a letter, notes, a title list, a character sketch, a journal entry. Writers are like dancers, like athletes. Without that exercise, the mus...

In the Brain, Romantic Love Is Basically an Addiction

Morgyn Star
Morgyn Star says “In the Brain, Romantic Love Is Basically an Addiction: men and women pine, live, kill and die for love.” — Love addiction is just as real as any other addiction, in terms of its behavior patterns and brain mechanisms. Moreover, it’s often a positive addiction.

The Superwoman Myth · The Every Day Project

Ines Bautista Yao
Ines Bautista Yao says “Here's why calling moms superwomen does not sit well with me. ” — A few days ago, there was a heated discussion (one-sided but heated anyway) on Facebook about a certain yogurt ad praising Filipina women as superwomen. We can do it all, it said. We can wake up with a smile on our faces, make breakfast for the kids, exercise, travel to work, then come home and...Read More »

Huser, Glen. The Elevator Ghost. Review.

Bonnie Ferrante
Bonnie Ferrante says “Huser, Glen. The Elevator Ghost. Review.” — This is a delightful little Halloween themed early chapter book. Several stories are enclosed within a story. An eccentric woman, Carolina Giddle, moves into town. She is a combination of Mary Popp...

Creating Podcasts to Share Community Stories

Resa Nelson
Resa Nelson says “Love this: Library podcast about local entrepreneurs talking about becoming your own boss, thanks to @@the_barbrarian — This winter I have been hosting a weekly podcast series with local entrepreneurs and business owners who want to share their stories of becoming their own boss. Podcasts can be created very easily ...

How can I donate?

Jennifer Theriot
Jennifer Theriot says “How can I donate? via @wordpressdotcom — Due to extremely limited space, featured bestselling authors are via invite-only. However, if you are an indie author and would like to donate books to be included in the Indie Bookworm Box, ship y...

Cover Reveal For a New Novel - Facing East

N.A. Granger
N.A. Granger says “Stepheny Houghtlin Cover Reveal: Facing East” — APRIL PUBLICATION DATE WILL BE ANNOUNCED ASAP With the unexpected death of her husband, Katherine White examines her heart hoping to find a few desires that she can build a new life upon. She leave...

Lewis Hamilton features on the front cover of Man of the World

Michael Obiora
Michael Obiora says “Ellstevo, i would not take the negative comments of a small number of detractors too seriously. A lot of these...” — Lewis Hamilton has spoken of the stresses and intense pressure of competing in Formula One as the world champion posed for the front cover of men's lifestyle magazine Man of the World .

Awesome Funny Animals

Betty Ferm
Betty Ferm says “Are you decisive or do you straddle the fence when asked to make a tough choice?” — There are funny photos of animals in awesome funny situations...

Creating Believable Characters

Author CJ Thomasson
Author CJ Thomasson says “Creating Believable Characters” — Don't let your characters make irrational decisions in your story. Their actions have to reflect the qualities you have built for them within the context of the story.

My Novel

Annabelle Franklin
Annabelle Franklin says “A medical thriller with an interesting twist - Carrie Rubin's novel The Seneca Scourge via @wordpressdotcom
 The Seneca Scourge, A Medical Thriller Dr. Sydney McKnight, a young physician caught up in a deadly influenza pandemic, joins forces with a mysterious new research virologist whos…

Want to win a $75 Amazon Gift Card?

Lyn Horner
Lyn Horner says “Want to win a $75 Amazon Gift Card?”
Help! Pretty please! RESCUING LARA, Romancing the Guardians (Book One) is nominated in BigAl’s Books and Pals 2015 Readers Choice Awards in the Romance category. Vote to help me wi…

Seven Deadly Sins for Writers

Heather Weidner
Heather Weidner says “My Seven Deadly Sins for Writers ”
Most everyone has heard of the Seven Deadly Sins: Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Anger, Greed, and Sloth. I appropriated three from the original list and added some specifically fo…

Look inside a Georgian townhouse

Sherry Ewing
Sherry Ewing says “Great article. Thanks for posting Jude Knight!”
Ever wonder just what the inside of a typical London townhouse in an upper-crust neighborhood looked like? Of course there were variations in design, size, styling, and decor. Thes…

Sheila's Brush

AuthorThomas Taylor
AuthorThomas Taylor says “Sheila's Brush is an idiom well-known to Maritimers & is related to St. Patrick's Day. ”
Along with St. Patrick's Day, you have to anticipate that Sheila's broom can't be too far away, and so it was this year. Don't know what Sheila's broom is…

Cannibal Series - 1. The Burning Fire

Alissa Crowley
Alissa Crowley says “More of the Cannibal series on my blog”
I am just in love with this twisted story of mine. I did a part when I started the blog and now I'm doing it again. It is short stories based on my main idea-the Cannibal Seri…

Happy spring!

Lela E. Buis
Lela E. Buis says “Happy spring!”
So, the earth has rocked past the equinox, regardless that it's still snowing in the Northeast. Daffodils are blooming at my mom's house this week, and the birds are out …

Devlin's Delicacies

Michelle Muto
Michelle Muto says “Blog Archives: Devlin's Delicacies (Homemade dog treats for your own Beelzepup)”
Many of you know by now that I'm getting ready to release a new book. While it isn't the second in the Ivy MacTavish series (I'm working on it), it is another young …

WW2 veterans back in the 'cockpit'

Adrian Hyde
Adrian Hyde says “Operation Varsity: Veteran RAF glider pilots get back in the 'cockpit' ”
Two veteran RAF glider pilots return to the "cockpit" at a museum in Gloucestershire to mark the 70th anniversary of Operation Varsity.

Hardwood Flooring vs. Carpet

Ella Emerson
Ella Emerson says “Hardwood Flooring vs. Carpet”
Are you recently thinking of updating your flooring in your house or apartment? Well first off I would like to point out that I am NO expert on flooring, or on any type of home rep…

The Braille Club by J. A. Kerr

Glynis Smy
Glynis Smy says “The Braille Club by J. A. Kerr”
 The Braille Club, debut novel in the Braille Club series. Benedict is the master of detachment; this detachment will last until his first encounter with The Braille Club. It will …