Sunday, 22 March 2015

Whispers in the Wind by Paul Zunckel on Pubslush

Khulani Development
Khulani Development says “Let's be fans of Whispers in the Wind via @pubslush — Step into the evil world of Human Trafficking, a family torn apart by abduction, a child taken to serve as High Priestess for an African Cult, her Mother sold into slavery, and the world of sex trade where nothing is as it seems, and it is all about greed. Corrupt officials, unemployment, poverty, and power all thrown into the mix with a touch of erotica to steam up the windows. The search for the child and woman moves from the wilds of Zambia, to the bright lights of Johannesburg, South Africa.…

'Insurgent': EW review

Siobhan Davis Author
Siobhan Davis Author says “Can't wait to see this - only one day to go. 'Insurgent': EW review via @EW — When settling into the second movie of a dystopian YA series, there are a few things you just have to accept. The rules of the world—which are...

Grammar Demons, Take That (Part 1)

S. G. BASU says “Grammar Demons, Take That (Part 1)” — Last week, I was talking to a friend's kid about writing. I found this middle schooler very interested in creative writing, but frustrated by some comments by her teachers. Apparently she has great...

New Adult Romance

Aditi Chopra
Aditi Chopra says “New Adult Romance via @RobynRozeAuthor — When denial mixes with obsession, it's a recipe for disaster ... Olivia Marshall suffered a devastating loss as a child and an unforgivable betrayal as a teenager. Her inner strength keeps her movi...

Warren Ellis Answers Your Questions About The Future

Joseph John
Joseph John says “Warren Ellis Answers Your Questions About The Future” — Author, comics legend and uncanny futurist Warren Ellis has gifted us with his insight into your pressing questions about the coming days of tech, free speech, the music industry, space travel, which Earthbound species is most likely to have alien origins, and much, much more.

9 Based on a True Story - E. James

J. Randolph Auld
J. Randolph Auld says “Thanks again for the retweet, E.J. ;-) @9Spokane — Of all the possibilities of her predictable life in Spokane, abruptly meeting the man of her dreams was the least bit expected for Nikki. Brad, a man of seductive quality, seizes control of her mun...

Share Our $5 Credit with Your Readers!

Jeanne Moran
Jeanne Moran says “Share Our $5 Credit with Your Readers! ”
What's another great reason for readers to buy your book at NOOK? Our $5 credit is available to new users when they download the NOOK Reading App™ 4.0 for Android and iOS. Share …


Jeremy Essex
Jeremy Essex says “Just had a new short story published in a great online magazine called 'Acidic Fiction'.”
Aberration by Jeremy Essex Michaels saw the dark shape down on the railway line while he was making the morning drinks. He put down the tray of empty cups, whistling to himself as …

Writer's Block Workbooks

Morgen Bailey
Morgen Bailey says “Customary a habit as it was… (taken from workbook 1 )”
I am currently planning eight volumes of eBook workbooks to help you if you're stuck with ideas. Volume 1 and 2 are already released (see below) and I shall be eBooking the ot…

The construction worker poets

Joan Schweighardt
Joan Schweighardt says “Lovely story of migrant workers in Singapore writing poetry to save their humanity while far from home & loved ones:”
A group of migrant workers from Bangladesh is sharing poems of longing for family and home to enthusiasts in Singapore, reports Saira Asher.

James Lawless

James Lawless
James Lawless says “James Lawless via @KathyReinhart
I've been doing a lot of reviews lately, but today I'm going to step away and go back to what I originally began Ink Drop Interviews doing - an actual interview. Today I …

Eclipse 2015

Sue Vincent
Sue Vincent says “Eclipse 2015 ”
We were lucky with the eclipse yesterday. It was touch and go, though, as I woke to heavy skies, covered in a pall of grey. Nevertheless, the camera was charged and came with me. B…

SoCS - Death Wish (96 words)

Linda Hill
Linda Hill says “SoCS – Death Wish (96 words)”
My eye brushes gently 'cross your death note; the taste of it sweet upon my lips. If I thought you weren't kidding I would surely be afraid for you. But this is you, as y…

10 Best Gin Cocktails

sharlene almond
sharlene almond says “10 Best Gin Cocktails via @MadeMan
Gin is a versatile alcohol that can be used in a huge variety of drinks from sweet and subtle to bitter and strong…and everywhere in between, making it tough to come up with a list…

Judge dismisses oil-spill lawsuit

TheGreatGame says “Judge dismisses oil-spill lawsuit Dry read, but fascinating study in unintended legal and legislative consequences.”
A federal judge dismissed a class-action lawsuit Tuesday against Exxon Mobil over a 2013 oil spill in Mayflower and acknowledged that the message his decision sends to people with …

Tiger Lily Hot Encounter #HotForFriday

Kimberly Dean
Kimberly Dean says “Tiger Lily Hot Encounter”
Tiger Lily is now part of the Kindle Unlimited program.  Participating members can read it for free! PLEASE NOTE:  This one is pretty hard-core erotica, although it does include on…

The Dark Frontier

L.A. Mitchell
L.A. Mitchell says “The Dark Frontier”
originally posted January 9, 2008According to researchers at Harvard studying inactive portions of the mind, human beings engage in time travel. More startling than that is the ide…

How To Stop Complaining

Don MacIver, poet
Don MacIver, poet says “How To Stop Complaining via @RichardCrossEYT The importance of positive thinking.”
Will the condition of my life get better when I complain? NO! Sometimes if we are not reminded of our purpose and that a setback is not for us to sit back, complain and think about…

Travels in New Zealand: Week One

Anthony Hill
Anthony Hill says “Travels in New Zealand: Week One”
For nearly three weeks between the middle of March and Easter, my wife Jill and myself are travelling in New Zealand: mostly holiday through the North  Island, but a few days to di…