Tuesday, 17 March 2015

98 Years Ago today, the last Czar abdicated!

Bob Mayer
Bob Mayer says “98 Years Ago today, the last Czar abdicated!”
writeitforward.wordpress.com — The Last Czar: Leadership Failure Quote: "I am not prepared to be a Czar. I never wanted to become one. I know nothing of the business of ruling." Nicholas II, last Czar of Russia. We still feel th...

8 Unstoppable Rules For Writing Killer Short Stories

Alan Felyk
Alan Felyk says “Some rules for keeping it short: ”
io9.com — Short fiction is the "garage band" of science fiction, claims Tor Books editor Patrick Nielsen Hayden, so it's time to step on that fuzzbox and thrash as hard as you can without knocking over your mom's weed-trimmer. Actually, I think Nielsen Hayden was referring to the fact that you can try more crazy experiments in short SF than in novels, because of the shorter time commitment of both writer and reader. But how can you become a super-master of the challenging form of short f…

The Magic of the Alpura Cow Dancer

Lisa Henderson
Lisa Henderson says “The Magic of the Alpura Cow Dancer via @birthofnewbrain
proudlybipolar.wordpress.com — In my last post I declared I'd keep the next post around 500 words or less.   I think I can do it today, so I'm going for it!   A few days ago a blogger friend (The awesome shared a link to the Alp...

Happy Publication Day to Amelia Thorne

Holly Martin
Holly Martin says “And you can read the 1st chapter of Tied Up With Love & meet the gorgeous Ethan Chase here”
hollymartinwriter.wordpress.com — It's publication day for Amelia Thorne and the gorgeous Tied Up With Love. I'm absolutely thrilled to be sharing with you the first chapter. So here it is. Izzy watched as the grey van skidded roun...

The Best Hashtags for Indie Authors in 2015

Gary McLaren
Gary McLaren says “The Best Hashtags for Indie Authors in 2015 ”
www.garymclaren.com — In this post I'll reveal some of the most useful hashtags for indie authors. For those not familiar with hashtags they are essentially a keyword beginning with the “#” character. When someone write...

Review: The Execution

Lita Burke
Lita Burke says “Review: The Execution via @LitaBurkeWriter
litaburke.com — The Execution by Sharon Cramer is a historical thriller about twin brothers separated soon after birth who reunite over twenty years later on the eve of one brother’s execution. D’ata and Raven hav...

Japanese girl accidentally finds a new use for her decorative sword: accessory organizer

antonio lozada
antonio lozada says “Japanese girl accidentally finds a new use for her decorative sword: accessory organizer via @RocketNews24En
en.rocketnews24.com — Sometimes people can be a little shy about their hobbies and may not always be upfront with their friends, even if it's something they really like. Things like cosplay or model building aren't always seen as the epitome of cool (although, many would argue otherwise!). When one girl was asked by a friend why she bo ...

Sunday musings - the life of a writer

Gee says “Sunday musings - the life of a writer ”
thewritingchimp.wordpress.com — I thought I would introduce a new feature to my blogging and do a bit of a Sunday recap on what has happened in my writing week. My Sunday started with a leisurely breakfast out. Yes I re...

Author Q&A: Jackie Jones

Alexis Radcliff
Alexis Radcliff says “"Don't give up, don’t worry about naysayers and keep pushing and doing what you love." Author Q&A w/Jackie Jones”
www.lexirad.com — Jackie Jones is an accomplished author and entrepreneur from the Caribbean who has successfully published six books across two series: The Wardens, an episodic supernatural thriller/fantasy, and Th...

Featured Author John Paul Bernett - Book Reader Magazine

John Paul Bernett
John Paul Bernett says “Find out about our featured Author John Paul Bernett via @bookreadermag
bookreadermagazine.com — Featured Interview With John Paul Bernett Tell us a little about yourself. Where were you raised? Where do you live now? I was born and raised in South Leeds in West Yorkshire on a council estate in the middle of the last century. My home was right next to the slag heaps (Excavation debris from …

Writer's Toolbox

Ryan Lanz
Ryan Lanz says “From book covers to writerly music, check out the Writer's Toolbox: ”
ryanlanz.com —   A writer needs a toolbox as much as any other occupation. When building a house, for example, the right tool speeds up the progress and can shave time off your goal. Listed below are my top ...

I Never Meant To Become 'The Other Woman'

Patricia Mann
Patricia Mann says “I Never Meant To Become ‘The Other Woman’”
thoughtcatalog.com — I understand that relationships are tough. Any other guy friend of mine that has been dating someone is a person that I keep a respectable distance from. But you were different. You were unhappy. A...

The Confluence

William L. Domme
William L. Domme says “Read a generous excerpt from The Confluence ”
atypeofwriter.com — Chapter 1 Up in the Sawatch Range in Colorado, Echo Cliff’s rugged face dominated the ridge above the tree line and looked down on the gentle saddleback that narrowed into the gorge where Cut Creek...


Eli Kale
Eli Kale says “Self-Publishing Basics via @DavidGaughran
To counter some of the misinformation about how "difficult" or "expensive" self-publishing is, and to try and keep writers from the clutches of disreputable, in…

9 Divorce Myths You Need to Ignore

Paul Keene
Paul Keene says “9 Divorce Myths You Need to Ignore | Care2 Healthy Living ”
Plus, the 13 questions you should be asking your partner BEFORE you get married. There are a lot of myths about divorce that keep infecting our society. For starters, despite what …


Chris Martin
Chris Martin says “Download my wife's recordings. ”
Here are tracks available for download. Right click on the ones you like and click Save Link As... You will then be prompted for a location to save the MP3 file. At the Cross (Love…

Stained: By Elizabeth Marx

Elizabeth Marx
Elizabeth Marx says “RT STAINED "The writing style is smooth & captivating..." ”
Book Name: Stained Book Author: Elizabeth Marx Book Cost: $3.99 (Kindle Edition) Book Description: Literature & Fiction, New Age, Coming of Age, Contemporary Book Purchase Loca…

Your Excellency or Your Grace?

Leeland Artra
Leeland Artra says “Read "Your Excellency or Your Grace?" Titles and Ranks used in Duianna Realms ”
A number of people are confused by certain title usages within the Golden Threads world. To help relieve some confusion here is the Duianna Empire's ranking chart which includ…

Short Stories - Steven Hobbs

Steven Hobbs
Steven Hobbs says “The mystery & allure of the written word. Read The Clays of Ur on my Short Stories page here: ”
The Clays of Ur The bright silvered prow is surging, foaming; parting the wine-dark sea. Cradled in the mother’s embrace of oiled wood and iron nail, these men pull on long-shafted…

Ketamine – A Bad Trip or a New Therapy Option

James J. Murray
James J. Murray says “KETAMINE: A Bad Trip or New Therapy Option My Latest "Prescription For Murder" Blog on Lethal Drugs”
Periodically, ketamine abuse is reported in news broadcasts or is the subject of TV dramas. Most of us have heard of the street name or slang terms for ketamine: Cat Valium, Jet K,…

How One Barber Took Over the MLB

Jeff Faria
Jeff Faria says “How one barber took over major league baseball ➤”
With 162 games played throughout the MLB 's regular season, players run on a pretty tight schedule. You have to wonder where they find time to do anything outside of traveling…

What Should Authors Blog About?

Deirdre says “What Should Authors Blog About? via @mollygreene
Today I'm answering questions from reader Annie Daylon. Molly, I read your blog regularly and have recently participated in an online writing conference and, in one of the wor…

I'm not insane, I'm a writer.

Christina James
Christina James says “Poor Tom's a-cold and needs some of Jenny Lloyd's understanding. via @jennyoldhouse
Those who have been following my blog for some time will be aware how affected I have been by the cruelties my grandmother, Annie, suffered at the hands of both her violent husband…

Vanuatu Needs Your Help

Hubert Williams
Hubert Williams says “Victims of Hurricane Pam need your help”
Australia's Foreign Minister Julie Bishop announced an initial $5 Million Aid recovery package for Vanuatu. The Category 5 Cyclone Pam that struck Vanuatu on Friday has...