Monday, 16 March 2015

Win The Stand-In by Rosanna Leo!

Rosanna Leo
Rosanna Leo says “Join me at @trs_studio for a chance to win The Stand-In. ” — Hi everyone! A day or so ago, I shared an excerpt from my new contemporary romance, The Stand-In. I'd like to give away a copy now. In order to win, please answer the following question: What is he...

Cover Reveals: Launching the New Crush Imprint + Giveaway

Siobhan Davis Author
Siobhan Davis Author says “Peek at the first 4 covers of the new Entangled Crush imprint and you could win a $25 gift card!” — Crush, one of Entangled’s first teen category romance imprints, is all about engaging, irresistible first-love stories set during the characters’ teen years. Crush specializes in heart-stopping fee...

Doesn't Matter A Damn

S. G. BASU says “Doesn’t Matter A Damn” — “If you can tell stories, create characters, devise incidents, and have sincerity and passion, it doesn’t matter a damn how you write.” ~ Somerset Maugham

How Colors Affect Conversions

S. G. BASU says “How Colors Affect Conversions” — Source: How Colors Affect Conversions – Infographic For a long time, like many new entrants to a new field, I did not think of the various marketing aspects of my writing venture. Slowly, I am gett...

Mature Adult Romance

Aditi Chopra
Aditi Chopra says “Mature Adult Romance via @RobynRozeAuthor — Ready for a steamy forty-something romance ...? Shayna Chastain’s marriage crashed and burned.  She walked away bruised, but not broken, without so much as a glance over her shoulder at her philand...

Theory of the Glass of Water

Catalina de Greiff
Catalina de Greiff says “Theory of the Glass of Water” — A psychologist walked around a room while teaching stress management to an audience. As she raised a glass of water, everyone expected they’d be asked the “half empty or half full” question. Instea...


Darren Scanlon
Darren Scanlon says “HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! MOTHER via @Dartherino4 —   She is the one I could rely on in times when things were scarce; to always find a way to get by when thing's went from bad to worse.   She is a true matriarch; the gel at the centre of ...

Fukushima’s Food Is Safe, but People Are Still Freaked Out

Jacob Whaler
Jacob Whaler says “Fukushima's Food Is Safe, but People Are Still Freaked Out” — This post originally appeared on WIRED. Sae Ochi should know better, and she knows she should know better. As the director of internal medicine at Soma Central Hospital, just 30 miles from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant that melted down after a tsunami in 2011, she is tasked with monitoring local radiation...

Did Mr Darcy make his fortune from slavery?

Belinda Pollard
Belinda Pollard says “Say it isn't so!! ;-) ...Did Mr Darcy make his fortune from slavery?” — Novelist Joanna Trollope argues that one of literature’s greatest romantic heroes would have funded his estate with profits from the slave trade

The Ditch... An extract from the forthcoming Little Big Boy

Max Power
Max Power says “The Ditch… An extract from the forthcoming Little Big Boy” — From Little Big Boy by max Power .......When darkness started to creep across the sky, I began to worry that my father had abandoned me to something far more important once again.  I knew he was in...

Are you a reader?

figuratio says “Read 'Tango: A Fable' and you'll feel better: Are you a reader? via @smh — There's a very good business case for reading books.

All Aboard The Nutty Express

Matt Cartwright
Matt Cartwright says “Hey you don't watch that watch this! All Aboard The Nutty Express ” — All Aboard The Nutty Express Suggs once said something to me in the gentleman’s toilets at the Jazz Café in Camden Town. What he said remains a mystery as he seemed ‘tired and emotional’ so was not...

Why I won't review your book

Barb Taub
Barb Taub says “Why I won't review your book ”
“Why do you give such high ratings to all the books you review?” It's a fair question, and not the first time I've been asked. The answer is simple. I don't review b…

Interview Questions

James Kemp
James Kemp says “Want to be interviewed for Friday author interviews, questions ”
Since I put up my review policy on the blog I've been getting regular contacts suggesting that I review things, but there have also been suggestions that I might do some autho…

The A-Z of Moving House...

Linda Huber
Linda Huber says “My head's in a packing case...moving house... …”
Three weeks and counting.... Three weeks on Tuesday, we get the keys to the new flat. That's the day we check it out with the building company to make sure that the appliances…

Of Shadow & Stone Signed Paperback

Michelle Muto
Michelle Muto says “Enter to win a signed paperback copy of OF SHADOW & STONE ”
I've loved gargoyles for as long as I can remember. Their history fascinates me, and although I touched on it in the book, I didn't go into lengthy details in case it cam…

The Way We Were

Francesca Capaldi
Francesca Capaldi says “Elaine and I are looking back to our childhoods today. @RobertsElaine11
Francesca and Elaine think back to cherished childhood memories. Francesca: Some of my most enduring memories as a child are from my three holidays in Wales, staying with cousins D…

Word Games

Anthony Hill
Anthony Hill says “What are your thoughts on teaching kids to read? Phonics? Word recognition? Both? ”
Our little grand-daughter started school this year, and as part of her preparation for reading we've been playing some entertaining word games with her. You know the sort of t…

Negligence arms ISIS

Marilynn Larew
Marilynn Larew says “Negligence arms ISIS via @MoneyJihad
CNN has video of U.S. weapons stolen by ISIS from the Iraqi army a couple weeks ago: This kind of activity demonstrates the need to safeguard U.S. military equipment in countries w…

Love's Blissful Shores

Karl Kaulback
Karl Kaulback says “Love's Blissful Shores via @wordpressdotcom
Slow your breathing calm your wayward thoughts feel the ebb and flow lapping on the banks of an untouched place deep inside you Let every breath fill you with the blessing of air N…

Harper Lee 'fraud' inquiry closed

Joan Schweighardt
Joan Schweighardt says “Happily, investigators have decided to leave Harper Lee alone to enjoy publication of her next book: ”
US investigators say they are satisfied Harper Lee wants to release her second novel, and close an inquiry into allegations she was pressured.

Why would anyone want to date Sean Penn?

Jon James Miller
Jon James Miller says “I'm plugging for them both to make it. Why would anyone want to date Sean Penn? via @nypost
If you thought Charlize Theron was just the latest A-list notch on Sean Penn’s bedpost, think again. “Charlize is not my girlfriend,” Penn, 54, corrected a French reporter who aske…

6 Ways Successful Teams Are Built To Last

David Long
David Long says “Are you trying to build a successful team? Check out this article which will give you advice on how to do so:”
It takes great leadership to build great teams. Leaders who are not afraid to course correct, make the difficult decisions and establish standards of performance that are constan…

The hardest part about writing

Joelle LeGendre
Joelle LeGendre says “The hardest part about writing”
  When I began writing my first book (around 1999) my background as an author consisted of a mail-order writing course in the 1970's and 2 university-level writing classe…