Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Perth, Australia – My City in Images (part 1)

Remo A Pollastri
Remo A Pollastri says “Perth, Australia. My City in images: ” — Marmion Beach – Perth My snorkeling spot… Marmion is in the northern suburbs of Perth. It has a coastal strip that is fairly rocky but renowned for its quality snorkeling. Perth Fire Moon The bushf...


FC Etier
FC Etier says “This is me. And this is my author's blog:” — Born in Louisiana, FCEtier spent most of his adult life in Baton Rouge, eventually splitting his time between Baton Rouge and Gulfport, Mississippi. Hurricane Katrina sent him in search of a safer ...

Live in the present

Catalina de Greiff
Catalina de Greiff says “Live in the present” — Not the future, and certainly not the past. This is something that many people forget, and spend all of their time deeply regretting events that have passed and constantly worrying about what may h...

How will everything change under climate change?

Wilf Jones
Wilf Jones says “"climate change changes everything" Naomi Klein - do read this - time is running out” — In the second extract taken from the Introduction to This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein, the author calls the climate crisis a civilisational wake-up call to alter our economy, our lifestyles, now – before they get changed for us

The Dark, by David C. Cassidy

David C. Cassidy
David C. Cassidy says “"Cassidy doesn’t write scenes, he puts you in them..." THE DARK via @DanaGriffin97 — While reading The Dark, you’re going to wonder why David C. Cassidy isn’t the household name that Stephen King’s or Dean Koontz’s are. The writing and story plot are on par with both of those illus...

historical books

Mike Lord
Mike Lord says “I'm delighted to announce that BOOKTROPE have contracted to publish my novel SINAGIRI ” — novels set in Asia, and based on real historical events.

The event that changed history forever

Chris Martin
Chris Martin says “The event that changed history forever ” — The night was silent. A shroud draped the garden like the weight of a heavy blanket. Slivers of moonlight peered through the trees and washed over the man kneeling. The heart inside His chest thump...

Frat Boys Caught Singing 'There Will Never Be A N***** In SAE'

b.l. wilson
b.l. wilson says “Frat Boys Caught Singing 'There Will Never Be A N***** In SAE' via @blackvoices. Wanna see racist video made by wfb?” — The national headquarters for Sigma Alpha Epsilon is closing its chapter at the University of Oklahoma after video surfaced Sunday of members on a bus singing racist lyrics about their fraternity. SAE's national office called the video "inapprop...

Ten Quote Tuesday (#1)

Ryan Lanz
Ryan Lanz says “Want to start your day with some inspiration? Check out these writing quotes and prompts!” —  Need a jump-start to your writing week? With Ten Quote Tuesday, you'll get more fuel for your creative tank. Quotes"Being a writer is like having homework every night for the rest of your life." -...

Responsibility Isn’t Accountability

Sam Silverstein
Sam Silverstein says “New article on the differences between responsibility and accountability. ” — The words accountability and responsibility are quite commonly interchanged in usage in the English language. In many languages around the world there isn’t a direct interpretation for accountability and the word responsibility is used. Society now blurs the lines between the two.There are differences and they are significant. You are responsible for things. You are accountable to people. This delineation greatly enhances the understanding and application of each word.We are responsible to get t…

March Metafiction

Chess Desalls
Chess Desalls says “March Metafiction” — The Goodreads Indie Book Club is reading Travel Glasses and Magic-Price this month! Book discussions and author Q&As are set up. I'm almost as excited to talk about Travel Glasses' use of metaf...

Robin Williams Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Author Harlan Wolff
Author Harlan Wolff says “What they overlook is that genius is already a chemical imbalance” — The media are pushing the Robin Williams suicide story with the subtlety and tact of a runaway train. The story being purveyed is that he was sad and it addled

50 Tweet Ideas for When You Have Brain Freeze

Rivka says “50 Tweet Ideas for When You Have Brain Freeze” — Great blog post at Kim Garst - Social Media for Small Business Owners : Running out of things to say on Twitter? Join the club! It can be hard to constantly come up with new and interesting things to tweet. T[..]

Grant Becomes A General

Bob Mayer
Bob Mayer says “On this day in 1864: Lincoln signs Ulysses S. Grant’s commission to command the U.S. Army—” — From Duty, Honor, Country, a Novel of West Point & the Civil War “What of McClellan?” Lincoln finally asked. When Rumble hesitated, Lincoln’s voice became harsher.  “Why do you think are here, ...

Are You Coming To IndieReCon 2015?

S. G. BASU says “Are You Coming To IndieReCon 2015?”
I will be attending INDIERECON 2015. Will you? From INDIERECON 2015 A Global Online Conference: April 15/16/17 Three packed days of advice and education about self-p…


Steve McEllistrem
Steve McEllistrem says “Amid death and destruction A MAGICAL PLACE. ▶ ◀ ”
In the spring, Ghazir, a small village of some fifty families about nine hundred feet above the sea, is a magical place. The homes are built on stone terraces that from a distance …

Who is this writer called Leeland Artra?

Leeland Artra
Leeland Artra says “See "Who is this writer called Leeland Artra?" Are you sure you want to know? See for yourself ”
Born in Seattle, did private schools moved to public schools. Family lost business, moved from vast hilltop house to small camper trailer living on welfare

eBook Cover Design Services

Guido Henkel
Guido Henkel says “Please RT: A quick note to my author tweeps, we also do covers for books — ”
You have only one chance to make a first impression! Lets us design and create a high quality print or ebook cover for you — affordable and fast!

The Promises of Spring

Dawn A. Lajeunesse
Dawn A. Lajeunesse says “RT @mtnwriter77: The Promises of Spring”
         On this relatively mild, sunny March day (mid-thirties), after an obnoxiously long and brutally cold/snowy winter, I can't stop daydreaming about flowers and butterfl…


Katherine T Owen
Katherine T Owen says “Mar 10, AMEN-THE POWER OF THIS WORD: Recently I read in a magazine of a lady who handed over a donation to a c...”
Recently I read in a magazine of a lady who handed over a donation to a car guard at a shopping mall and the guard responded with a 'God bless you'. This

A Writer's Worst Nightmare: Bieber on Repeat

sassevn says “A Writer’s Worst Nightmare: Bieber on Repeat”
Imagine the shock to my writer's immune system when I arrived at my normal outdoor, luscious, tropical resort, writing area to hear the words "Baby, Baby" being blas…

Rediscovering my Inner Thespian

Sylvia Valevicius
Sylvia Valevicius says “Rediscovering my Inner Thespian via @Berkeley39 -LOVE IT, WAYNE! Have fun..sounds just great! Can't wait to hear more”
Opening up my Wordpress account on a Sunday feels like meeting with an old friend after a break, and there is so much to update on. Firstly I'm taking a sabbatical to focus on…

Playin' Catch-Up

Lisa Beth Darling
Lisa Beth Darling says “Playin’ Catch-Up”
LOOK! LOOK! LOOK! Do you see that circled in red? Do you know what it IS???? Its GRASS! I know its brown and dead but its GRASS baby! Yeah, I'm still not taking a leisurely st…

Kacie Taylor Twitter / Instagram

Kacie Taylor
Kacie Taylor says “I have a new home page here - check me out!”
Kacie Taylor Twitter / Instagram. View their profile on Twiends, the leading free directory of twitter & instagram users, celebrities, and twitter followers.

My Pen Addiction

D.M. Cain
D.M. Cain says “My Pen Addiction: via @BluChickenNinja
I am a total pen snob. If you walked into a stationery shop I would be the person trying every single pen till I found one I liked. I have loved some pens so much that I have actua…

Building an author website and blog

Omar Luqmaan-Harris
Omar Luqmaan-Harris says “it is tempting to think that building a website is a waste of time and resources. But here's why they are MUST haves.”
With all the social media tools at our disposal in 2013, it is tempting to think that building a website is a waste of time and resources. Allow me to counter that with this questi…

Do Not Resuscitate.

Gary William Murning
Gary William Murning says “Do Not Resuscitate.”
As many of you by now already know, my Christmas 2014 was spent in the high dependency unit of the James Cook University Hospital. What turned out to be a “massive” bladder infecti…