Saturday, 28 February 2015

Ten Quote Tuesday (#29)

Ryan Lanz
Ryan Lanz says “Need some writing inspiration? Check out the newest Ten Quote Tuesday! ” —   Welcome to another installment of Ten Quote Tuesday! If your creative juices have trouble flowing today, then read these quotes to nudge awake the sleeping muse. If there is a particular quo...

The Trial of Involution-An Odyssey. Opening Day

Philippa Rees
Philippa Rees says “Trial of Book about to start. Court with standing room only. New witnesses will be called. Be there? @iansuth — The Trial of Involution-An Odyssey. Opening the Case for the Prosecution. Judge.  'Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury. The Court thanks you for your time and for what will, I am afraid, be a trial la...


Darren Scanlon
Darren Scanlon says “PLEASE EXPLAIN via @Dartherino4 — I am me, I am you but who am I? What is my purpose, please tell me am I just surplus?   Where do I come from and where do I go, why don't I know?   Say what you say but in a strange way y...

9 Things Successful People Refuse To Do

✩ April M. Reign ✩
✩ April M. Reign ✩ says “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody. via @kimgarst — Great blog post at Kim Garst - Social Media for Small Business Owners : Success may contain an element of luck, but your attitude is perhaps the single most important factor when it comes to achieving your go[..]

What Is Your Spiritual Gift?

Jaime Lorie Goza
Jaime Lorie Goza says “I got : Hospitality! What Is Your Spiritual Gift? via @play_buzz — Regardless of who we are or where we've come from, we've all been endowed with spiritual gifts. These gifts make us who we are and come to the rescue when we're in trouble! What's your spiritual gift? Do you have the gift of wisdom? Maybe zeal? Let's find out!

Astronomers Discover Mysterious Black Hole As Massive As 12 Billion Suns

Tyler Stalkie
Tyler Stalkie says “"Astronomers Discover Mysterious Black Hole As Massive As 12 Billion Suns" ” — In a galaxy far, far away—12.8 billion light-years away to be more exact—is a newly-discovered supermassive black hole that weighs as much as 12 billion of our suns. The most surprising thing about the black hole, though, is not its size but its age.

Taylor Ann Bunker - Author Alliance

Madam Mimzie
Madam Mimzie says “*Taylor Ann Bunker's* interview with the Author Alliance! ”
Taylor Ann Bunker - Author Interview. Taylor Ann Bunker visits Jerry Beller at the Author Alliance. My Author Friends Interview Series. #authors #books

Onward and Upward

Eli Kale
Eli Kale says “New blog post is up for week of 2/23...there's a surprise inside! ”
Friends, I am excited to begin this new week with you, so let's get started... The Faces of the War Collection Unguarded has been doing well since its release, with a handful …

How to be Happy at Work

Mike Martin
Mike Martin says “Don't Just Work... Be Happy!!”
  How to Be Happier at Work   There are lots of articles and ideas about making the workplace more productive but who is talking about making the workplace a happier plac…

The Ups and Downs of Indie Life

Nicholas C. Rossis
Nicholas C. Rossis says “My guest post on Indie life, on Sue Coletta's Crime Fiction Writer blog.”
You've written the best story you can. You've gone over it with your critique partner, run it by beta-readers, maybe even paid to have it professionally edited. You'…

Girls, Being Engineers, Emma Watson And Us

S G Basu
S G Basu says “Girls, Being Engineers, Emma Watson And Us”
This is a "Thoughtful Thursday" post which got a bit delayed, by 11 hours exactly, because I was adding things to my website all day yesterday. All good stuff, I promise.…

The Importance of Stepping Away

Nat Russo
Nat Russo says “In order to solve a complex problem, we sometimes need to step away from it. I'm living proof: ”
When we're too close to our work for too long we fail to do our best. It's important to just stop from time to time. Stepping away can provide the distance we need to ach…

He's Not Listening

Adam Ickes
Adam Ickes says “He's Not Listening”
He’s not listening. He never listens. The voices speak, but he ignores them. At least, he tries to. He goes about his days as if the voices in his head weren’t urging him to do thi…

Sillith - Chapter Two

Alissa Crowley
Alissa Crowley says “Silith - Chapter Two”
When we came to a fork in the road I noticed the leader going to Skulssven and we were going to Hellguard. The leader waved to me and I waved back. The travel was long, the entire …

Stealing Sgt. Pepper

Ian Probert
Ian Probert says “New post on my blog: Stealing Sgt. Pepper”
One of the difficult things about having kids – in my case having one kid – is being forced to defend immorality. Specifically, my own immorality. This morning while walking my soo…

Editing -- hell is Microsoft Word

Ed James
Ed James says “Editing — hell is Microsoft Word”
Fascinating piece on the register about Edinburgh scifi writer Charles Stross's decision to dump Word for LibreOffice on his Mac. I'm of a similar mind -- I despise using…

I've Been a Bad Bad Girl

Lisa Beth Darling
Lisa Beth Darling says “I’ve Been a Bad Bad Girl”
It's true. It's true. Know what? I couldn't give a flying fuck less! I uploaded "Fifty Shades of War" to and LitErotica. I intend to 's…

Being versatile

Anna Belfrage
Anna Belfrage says “In honour of an award...Being versatile via @Anna_Belfrage
Some days ago, I was more than honoured to discover Helen Hollick, Pirate Admiral extraordinaire, creator of heartthrob pirate Jesamiah Acorne, author of I don't know how many…

Laura Harders

Barry B. Wright
Barry B. Wright says “Follow Laura Harders @BeltwayBargain Learn more: Laura Harders | Posh Seven Magazine …”
At the time of our interview, Laura Harders was seven months pregnant, balancing a rambunctious four-year old son on her hip, helping to run...

Romance – Erotica Authors Using Blogger Beware

Vinny says “Romance – Erotica Authors Using Blogger Beware”
Google just reported that people using their Blogger/Blogspot blogs to post nudity or adult content will be taken down on March 23rd. Now who is to say what that nudity contains is…