Thursday, 3 December 2015

Involving "Involution," a book by Philippa Rees

Philippa Rees
Philippa Rees says “Involving "Involution," a book by Philippa Rees via @JoeLinker More generosity than deserved” — For years, science was an argument that believed nothing on faith. These days, anything might be believed, as long as adequate funding materializes. Matthew Arnold’s receding “Sea of Faith” may be ...

Sammy Hagar Finally Gets To Drive 55

C. M. Lanning
C. M. Lanning says “Sammy Hagar finally gets to drive 55 -” — WEST MEMPHIS (ARKANSAS INSANITY) – Rock musician Sammy Hagar finally got to drive 55 mph on Tuesday evening as he left West Memphis.

7. Lunch Break

Mara Oudenes
Mara Oudenes says “7. Lunch Break” — Carlos visits Callie at the mall and invites her for a date. 7. Lunch Break

Holiday Offers on the FirstWorld Saga - #FirstWorldSaga #Fantasy #IARTG - FirstWorld

Kris The Bard
Kris The Bard says “Holiday specials on FirstWorld Saga some free & some heavily discounted specials” — To celebrate the publication of A Vision of the Future in 2015 – the fourth and final volume of the FirstWorldSaga – CJA & KtB have two special holiday offers to tempt you with. You can get Quest for Knowledge for free, to give you an introduction to the Saga.   The four volumes of …

All SIA Wants for Christmas

V.M. Sawh
V.M. Sawh says “All SIA Wants for Christmas ” — Riley Amos Westbrook  I already have it all. A good woman, a loving family, and amazing friends to share my journey with. BB Wynter 1. I wish for a giant Christmas stocking with a hunk inside, still alive; might need some air holes in there. 2. An upgraded bionic body, with eyes that work and change colour like Christmas lights. 3. And a fancy hat. If the hat is able to dance and sing, even better.  Actually forget the live hunk. I want a designer, looks human, robot hunk, that just req…

Susan Tarr

Grant Leishman
Grant Leishman says “ROLLER COASTER ~ "Different, thought provoking, intense – what a story!"”
Susan Tarr As a New Zealand author, I've been writing for 25 years. I often draw from diaries I wrote during my international travels, including Kenya, East Africa, where I be…

TKJ -From Peasant to Knight?

Anna Belfrage
Anna Belfrage says “Upwards social mobility in medieval times? Yup, it could happen! TKJ -From Peasant to Knight? via @DariusStransky
When researching in order to write a 1,200-page trilogy there is so much background that never sees the light of day (or pages) of the finished books (though such close detail is n…

Could The Placebo Effect Work For Your Book?

Jule Owen
Jule Owen says “Could The Placebo Effect Work For Your Book?”
  We all know what the placebo effect is. It's the impact of belief on outcomes. If you believe a drug is going to work, it does, for a significant percentage of those who tak…