Sunday, 13 December 2015

Alex Kingston: "I Love This TARDIS Interior" | Kasterborous Doctor Who News and Reviews

Ian Thompson
Ian Thompson says “Alex Kingston: “I Love This TARDIS Interior”: Philip Bates is a writer at Kasterborous Doctor Who News and Rev...” — Alex Kingston returns to Doctor Who in just less than two weeks’ time… and she’s bringing a few husbands with her. Well, okay, River Song is, not Alex. But still. Teasing the upcoming Christmas special, The Husbands of River Song, Alex told the BBC it’s a “wonderful slapstick caper”, full of the usual River one-liners… What was it like to...

Where do our Christmas traditions come from? Yule be surprised!

Anna Belfrage
Anna Belfrage says “Yet another stop on the marvellous @IndieBrag Xmas bloghop!” — I grew up on a dairy farm, the youngest of six kids. Even though I am well into my 40s, my mother still refers to me as “the caboose.” (And I still roll my eyes.) My birth order position insulated me from some of the harsher chores, something my older siblings point out from time to time.

Scientist Produces First Completely Recyclable Biopolymer! All Plastic Products Could Be Recyclable And Renewable In The Future

Jule Owen
Jule Owen says “All Plastic Products Could Be Recyclable And Renewable In The” — Eugene Chen, a chemist at the Colorado State University, experimented on the monomer Gamma-butyrolactone to produce a biopolymer that can be fully recycled back to its original monomer state for re-use. The statistics show that on average than 200 pounds of synthetic polymers (most of these not biorenewable/biodegradable)

Quest 2016: Who Would Miss You When You're Gone?

Philippa Rees
Philippa Rees says “Quest 2016: Who Would Miss You When You’re Gone?” — Your Quest2016 Prompt today: Seth Godin Would they miss you if you were gone? What would have to change for that question to lead to a better answer? #MissMe This imperative interruption to a day t...

Grammar Demons, Take That (Part 29)

S. G. BASU says “Grammar Demons, Take That (Part 29)” — Prepositions are hardly formidable words, yet, they cause a great deal of confusion. This handy infographic from makes a concise list of usage tips. Do you have any favorite grammar bat...

How To Build Loyalty Among Your Readers Online

Mel RJ Smith Author
Mel RJ Smith Author says “How To Build Loyalty Among Your Readers Online” — There are three classic methods for building a loyal following of readers online: 1. Provide something of value, related to your book, which you can talk about online. Are you an expert? Can you share some of your expertise? Are you funny? Are you knowledgeable…