Monday, 9 November 2015

Mixed feelings for a Welsh Ricardian....

Janet P. Reedman
Janet P. Reedman says “Mixed feelings for a Welsh Ricardian….” — Being half Welsh (and proud of it!) but also a Ricardian through and through, I don't know whether to watch this with huge interest...or bare my teeth. The programme should have English subtitles.

New Thriller, Crime & Mystery Novels to Heat Your Blood - Books Go Social

AntrimCycle says “New Thriller, Crime & Mystery Novels to Heat Your Blood” —  Are you in a desperate need for a good Thriller? Or a mystery? Want to sit back with a good crime novel?   Cool your Summer with our Thriller, Crime and Mystery pick of the month!         The Voiceless Scream Quiet and complacent Eleanor Hanna faces the prospect of an unwanted marriage to …


robert bevan
robert bevan says “You'll laugh so hard you'll Seoul yourself.” — Last Wednesday, people around the world paused what they were doing as the sound of fifty million palms slapping fifty million foreheads echoed out from South Korea. Coincidentally, last Wednesday was also the day the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced their new slogan for the city.  I.SEOUL.U This was the end result of a contest in which sixteen thousand entrees were submitted. Give that a moment to sink in. In the opinion of those who made the final decision, there were 15,999 wor…

Change Your Font for Easier Proofreading

Alan Felyk
Alan Felyk says “Change Your Font for Easier Proofreading: ” — Proofreading your own work is hard. It's your words, so it's hard to spot the errors. One way to make your work look different is to change the font.

Critical Acclaim

Lita Burke
Lita Burke says “Critical Acclaim for fantasy author Lita Burke” — Learn more about the honors, kudos, and awards for Lita Burke's stories, videos, and blog. Readers' Favorite (September 1, 2015) -- The 2015 Readers’ Favorite International Book Award Contest names...

Rick Gualtieri on Twitter

LincolnFarish says “I felt a great disturbance in the force, as though a single voice from New Jersey, cried out in pain and anguish.” — “"Requires 2 people". Feh! I laugh at your safety warnings, no doubt designed for lesser men.”

The Women in Black: Companions of the MIB - Nick Redfern's "If it's weird, it's here" -

Marie D. Jones
Marie D. Jones says “You've heard of Men In Black? Now read about the Women In Black!!! by @nickredfernufo — It’s no secret that, for the past year or so, I have been working on a book on the subject of the Women in Black – the lesser-known companions of the Men in Black. But, make no mistake, encounters with the WIB absolutely proliferate. And, just like their male equivalents, the WIB are chilling and …

'The secrecy has been ludicrous': Star Wars actor Anthony Daniels on the new film and his life as C-3PO

GhostiLeaks The Book
GhostiLeaks The Book says “'The secrecy has been ludicrous': Star Wars actor Anthony Daniels on the new film and his life as C-3PO” — The first time the actor saw C-3PO, he felt kinship – and went on to play the android in all six Star Wars movies. Ahead of The Force Awakens, he talks about being censured by Disney, working with JJ Abrams and playing the worrywart robot once more

How To Tell The Difference Between Depression And Burnout

Matthew Peters
Matthew Peters says “How To Tell The Difference Between Depression And Burnout” — Whether you love your job or not, you've likely experienced occasional exhaustion, frustration, disillusionment, and a desperate urge to hurl your alarm clock across the room and hunker back down under the covers until further notice. That's not depression, right? Or is it?

Managing Cash When You Haven't Got Any

Lori Schafer
Lori Schafer says “Managing Cash When You Haven’t Got Any” — I have just released the first in a series of business eBooks I'm writing on cash flow management for small business. It's targeted mainly at companies with severe cash flow shortages, and offers n...

11 Horror Movies That Are Scary Because of What They Say About Humanity

M. Matheson
M. Matheson says “RT @io9 "11 horror movies that are scary because of what they say about humanity:  "” — We go to see horror movies to see terrifying monsters — but sometimes the scariest monsters in a horror film are the people. In many of the best scary movies, the real horror is how terribly the humans behave. Here are 11 of the most misanthropic horror films ever made.

Discounted Damsels

Grant Leishman
Grant Leishman says “Discounted Damsels”
Following the recent publication of Damsels and the Dark Arts, there are now four main novels and one spin-off novel in the Damsels range, which means it's reached that awkwar…

Hats off to Railway Romantics: Brief Encounter

maryhartley says “Raiilway Romantics: Brief Encounter's 70th Anniversary ”
A FILM IN WHICH NOTHING MUCH HAPPENS. A FILM IN which there is love without sex. A film depicting suburban middle-class England in 1945, just recovering from the war, in which chil…

Christmas Kisses Spotlight & $200 Giveaway

Tianna Holley
Tianna Holley says “Christmas Kisses Spotlight & $200 Giveaway”
Are you on the hunt for that special Christmas book, the one that will get you into the holiday spirit, bring back memories of your own family traditions, and inspire you to revel …

Scott Michael Decker

Scott Michael Decker
Scott Michael Decker says “Awesome Gang interviews Scott Michael Decker at ”
Tell us about yourself and how many books you have written. I'm a Social Worker, a trade that brings me into contact with many strata of society. As such, I have the opportunit…

The bird in the house

Christina James
Christina James says “A wonderfully atmospheric post. A magic melange of images.”
'There was a bird flying round the house,' the Boxer told me.  She had no answer for what happened to it?or, how did it get in and out. 'I don't know,' she…

Do You Take...

Francesca Capaldi
Francesca Capaldi says “What real life events should you include in your writing when they're stranger than ficiton? via @wordpressdotcom
Elaine asks is life stranger than fiction? If you are a writer, established or beginner, than you may well be taking part in the National Novel Writing Month (fondly known as NaNoW…

Gravity Drops on Amazon!

Yvonne Hertzberger
Yvonne Hertzberger says “Excellent book. I've read it. Gravity Drops on Amazon! via @LaurieBoris
Hi, everyone! I just wanted to share the news that A Sudden Gust of Gravity is now live on Amazon. This is a story that I’ve wanted to tell for a while, and I’m so excited that it’…

Transforming a Villainess into a Heroine

Dorlana says “For Book 2 of my series - I had to turn my villainess into a heroine ”
I’m working on edits for my second book in my Trouble with Men Series – The Trouble with Scarecrows. And one of the biggest challenges I’ve had with this book is my female protagon…

November 6

Amylynn Bright
Amylynn Bright says “The 5 Things are up. They're funny. We think you'll agree. There's a plan. It's funny too.”
Halloween is over. Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching. Christmas is peeking around the corner; its imminent. It seems so cliché to ask, “Where has the year gone?” but …