Saturday, 7 November 2015

General Fiction: Protest - Janet Gogerty - Bookshop Bistro

Tanya Jones
Tanya Jones says “General Fiction: Protest – Janet Gogerty -” — It started with a bumble bee and ended with the saving of a whale; thousands of signatures on the petition protesting to Sea Worlds in U.S.A. for keeping Killer Whales in captivity. Saving the World from my computer was simple … Continue reading →

Zambezi River Family Holidays

Remo A Pollastri
Remo A Pollastri says “The Zambezi river is a great place to take a family for a wild African adventure ” — Crocodiles of the Zambezi The number of crocodiles on the lower Zambezi River has increased significantly in the last few decades and a visitor is bound to see more than a few on any given day. How…

Readers' Gallery

Jay Spencer Green
Jay Spencer Green says “A new addition to the Readers' Gallery! Stretch in Clogherhead.” — Some of my wonderful readers, whose smiles tell you they have just received their copy of Breakfast at Cannibal Joe's and not yet actually read it. Jim in Colchester Steve in Solihull Linda in Brit...

CarlJDubois on Twitter

G.G. Silverman
G.G. Silverman says “And pants.” — “When I'm reminded of how often people embellish about themselves, I think of what my wise friend @outseide says: You are enough.”

When and where and who

Gee says “When and where and who -” — I was feeling a little tired last night, so instead of doing any writing, I decided to watch a film. Flicking through the titles, I came across the old western classic, A Fist Full of Dollars, the ...

Amazon Are Suing the Fuck Out Of Fake-Review Writers

Dan Taylor
Dan Taylor says “Blog post: Amazon Are Suing the Fuck out of Fake-Review Writers” — It’s not news that Amazon products tend to have bogus reviews. Kindle books are probably the worst offenders. But what might be news to you, if you're new to the internet and think that ‘to google’...

Cool Tattoo Innovation Will Save You From a Lifetime of Regret

Ambitious Girl
Ambitious Girl says “Going to a real artist is only necessity.. Tattoo Innovation Will Save You Regret via @YahooMakers — For commitment-phobes, there are  temporary tattoos — and due to advances in printing techniques and ink, stick-on tats look amazingly realistic these days. But when it comes to getting permanent-and-forever ink, there’s still a little finger crossing that goes on when you settle into that chair, as there’s no perfect way to test-drive the kind of body art that exists only in your imagination. Until Momentary Ink came along, that is. This Philadelphia-based startup creates custom-designed tempor…

Cover Reveal Next Week!

Chess Desalls
Chess Desalls says “Cover Reveal Next Week!” — The cover and book blurb for TIME FOR THE LOST (The Call to Search Everywhen, #3) will be revealed next week, on Nov. 13! Until then, how about a little peek at the corner? :D Catch up with Calla a...

Cheese really is crack. Study reveals cheese is as addictive as drugs

David Kristoph
David Kristoph says “GUYS I KNEW IT! THERE'S A REASON I LOVE CHEESE SO MUCH!” — For years you've been telling your friends, family, co-workers and anyone who will listen that you're addicted to cheese. It's a part of every meal or snack, and you think about it constantly.  A new study suggests food addiction is a real thing. 

6 giant stocks smash all-time highs

Michael Levy
Michael Levy says “6giant stocks smash all-time highs As manic stocks rise, "real" economy stocks continue in a bear market What gives” — Six companies in the S&P 500 are trading at or above their all-time highs, says USA Today. Find out which ones.

10 Of The Best Chew Treats To Keep Your Dog Extra Busy

Barbara B. Boudreau
Barbara B. Boudreau says “"10 Of The Best Chew Treats To Keep Your Dog Extra Busy" ” — Keeping your pooch busy and mentally stimulated is crucial to their happiness (and your sanity). Some pups like toys – as long as they’re chasing a tennis ball around the house, they’re satisfied. My dogs, on the other hand, have a penchant for all things chewable. If your dog is anything like mine, they’ll probably jump for …

Immersive Indoor "Rain Room" Where Visitors Don't Get Wet Arrives in Los Angeles

Antonia Hall
Antonia Hall says “Immersive Indoor "Rain Room" Where Visitors Don't Get Wet Arrives in Los Angeles - My Modern Met” — Rain Room is an initiative that explores the combination of art with technology by lending users the ability to control the weather. An immersive experience, people are invited into a “cacophonous interior downpour,” in which they are able to walk through a mystical rainstorm without getting wet. The field of falling water around a person pauses whenever a human body is detected, responding to the users’ presence and movements. Rain Room creates an environment where one can dan…

Green Lodge.

Paddy Cummins
Paddy Cummins says “'GREEN LODGE' RACY ROMANTIC NOVEL Click here to read a 'steamy' excerpt:”
              EXCERPT She took him into the house. It seemed even bigger inside. The luxurious furnishings, the décor, the ornaments and the pict…

The Essence of Gratitude

randa handler
randa handler says “Sharing why I love Thanksgiving and why I wrote Thanksgiving Dinner Platter”
Thanksgiving is a true American holiday and my favorite! I love it because it is a simple way to exchange gratitude. Gratitude is at the core of contentment. Isn’t being happy what…

Killing Your Darlings - A Writer's Journey

Nat Russo
Nat Russo says “Kill your darlings isn't a cliche. It's a necessary part of becoming a great writer. ”
Reducing your word count begins with killing your darlings. You can take a manuscript from 200k words to 100k words without changing your story.

Free Download of The Fourteenth Protocol

Nathan A. Goodman
Nathan A. Goodman says ““Anyone in Hostage Rescue ever had their ass kicked by a 118-pound girl?" ”
Download Now Bestseller, The Fourteenth Protocol, a Special Agent Jana Baker Spy Thriller, is now free for a limited time – you just need to tell me where to send it. After an elev…

The Rise and Rise of Steampunk

Nick Travers
Nick Travers says “The internet is a brilliant tool for selling to niche markets. via @njtravers
   Writing contemporary fiction is hard:  you either include specific gadgets and gismos, in which case your fiction is out of date the moment you publish, or you mention technolog…


Bruce A. Borders
Bruce A. Borders says “Another Awesome Gang Author website:”
Thanks for visiting Wilson Writes! There's plenty to see here: Sign up for regular email updates! If you want some (almost) daily entertainment, go to the Blog! To read a f…

My Favourite Male Poet - Paul Durcan

Annette J Dunlea
Annette J Dunlea says “My Favourite Male Poet – Paul Durcan”
Paul Durcan: Poetry collections with Brian Lynch, Endsville (Dublin: New Writers Press 1967); O Westport in the Light of Asia Minor (Dublin: Anna Livia Books [Dublin Magazine Press…

Two Beating Hearts

Richard M Knittle Jr
Richard M Knittle Jr says “Two Beating Hearts”
Two Hearts Beating Two hearts beating as one pounding out the rhythm of a song about love Two minds that are thinking like one knowing that they love

Works from Sharlene Almond

sharlene almond
sharlene almond says “Works from Sharlene Almond ”
  Journey In Little Paradise is my new non-fiction NZ travel E-book, providing everything the reader would need to know about New Zealand. Beautiful images of the different lo…