Thursday, 5 November 2015

Why “Telling” is Sometimes More Powerful than “Showing” - PASSIONATE REASON

Lisa Henderson
Lisa Henderson says “Why “Telling” is Sometimes More Powerful than “Showing” ” — For too many years, one of my biggest problems with writing was “getting in over my head” to the point I rarely finished my stories. I especially struggled with personal narratives. Once I began writing my story I would discover it contained many other stories. I would uncover one, and then, inside it, another, and …

Free chapter from The Revelation Room

Mark Tilbury
Mark Tilbury says “Who is The Infiltrator? Why is he in The Revelation Room? Free chapter.” — I thought today I would give you a sneak-peek at a chapter from The Revelation Room. This is a proud moment for me, as the book is being published on Wednesday. The Revelation Room is the first in …

Holiday Giveaways: Books, Cash & More!

TJ Shortt
TJ Shortt says “Win tons of books, prizes & $$! Details on blog: From: @choosybookworm &” — The Choosy Bookworm is including me in a holiday giveaway: November 22-24. New drawings happen all through the month. Here's the schedule of prizes and how to enter. YOU CAN ENTER ALL OF THESE RAFFLECOPTERS! Grand Prize: Two (2) Winners, each will receive $250 Paypal cash or gift cards Enter...

BTS Book Reviews

Elizabeth SaFleur
Elizabeth SaFleur says “Thank you @BTShowcase for reviewing (4.5!) of Holiday Ties (now FREE on Amazon, BTS Special Publishers Edition:” — Issue 30 - November/December 2015 Your guide to great reading, featuring Publisher's Showcase, plus columns, book reviews, featured authors and more!

Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 4 – Isolated

Luccia Gray
Luccia Gray says “Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 4 – Isolated” — This photo was taken on 12th October. There used to be splendid rose-bush in that spot, but it dried up, or so I thought, and it was cut down last summer. Twenty days ago, I noticed one solitary, b...

Human Purpose in our Unconscious Universe

Paul Adkin
Paul Adkin says “Human Purpose in our Unconscious Universe” — The Universe is either blind or not. A belief in God is a belief in a universe that knows itself because it can perceive itself. The difficulty with the idea of God is primarily the problem of conc...

Awesome Reads: New Blurb for my Newest Novel!

sassevn says “Awesome Reads: New Blurb for my Newest Novel!” — My latest novel is in search of new readers, so let me break-out a new blurb that highlights a different part of the story. Here it is: When a former writer, Gerald Sanpatri, tragically loses his b...

Afghan woman stoned to death for 'adultery'

AL M. SCOTT says “Afghan woman stoned to death for 'adultery' - Yahoo News via @YahooNews — A young Afghan woman was stoned to death after being accused of adultery, officials said Tuesday, a medieval punishment apparently recorded in a video that harks back to the dark days of Taliban rule. The woman, named by officials as Rokhsahana and aged between 19 and 21, is heard repeating the shahada, or Muslim profession of faith, her voice growing increasingly high-pitched as stones strike her with sickening thuds. The killing took place about a week ago in a Taliban-controlled area just out…

Master of The Universe

Hans M Hirschi
Hans M Hirschi says “Master of The Universe or at least Playground via @OhMandelynn — The other morning when I walked the kindergartner to school, I realized something. I am still master of the universe or at least playground…? Well, that is probably overstating what happened. You will have to decide. The realization came when

Characters: Harriet Smith

Wesley Allison
Wesley Allison says “Characters: Harriet Smith”
Harriet Smith is a character in His Robot Girlfriend and His Robot Wife. She is the daughter of the main character– Mike Smith. Harriet is very loosely based on my own daughter, bu…